Albert Lea

How do the people really feel about the immigration issue?

Cut off free welfare and health care for illegals

Have a question on Immigration? A column in the paper not long ago gave the rules that Mexico has for any one who wants to move there and live as a citizen, no government help from them, no criminal backgrounds excepted, etc., then why should the United States be expected to do things any different? Why should we give free welfare checks, health care, food stamps and be expected to put up criminal behavior? Why do we not get to deport them as Mexico says they do?

Why should my husband have to work extra years just to be able to make sure that I have health insurance until I can get on Medicare, too. I have worked hard all my life, and no one offers me free medical, believe me it is not cheap to pay for your own health insurance.

I know there are some Mexicans that are here legally and more power to them, but at least they are doing it legally. I have met many nice ones, I would think they would be upset themselves to go through the process the right way, while others expect to have everything handed to them.

So why are they all protesting asking to be given things without earning them? Wake up politicians. Do what is right for the people who have lived here all their lives and worked hard to get what we have, only to pay higher taxes to cover the ones that want things for free? I don’t think that is the way it is supposed to work. Cut off welfare checks, free medical, and whatever else they get and if they are willing to work hard and do things on their own, again more power to them.

E. B.
Albert Lea