About Us

Come take a look around and join us in our worthy cause.

We support and demand our borders be secured.

We believe in SENSIBLE Legal immigration that benefits the USA only and oppose all illegal immigration.

A. We believe that those who want their piece of the American Dream must assimilation to our culture, our laws, and our language.

B. We stand in opposition to amnesty.

C. We believe in border security to protect the United States of America against the threat of terrorism and to stop the flow of illegal immigration.

D. We oppose any program that allows illegal aliens to remain in the United States of America.

E. We support the position that illegal aliens shall not be issued drivers licenses, permits, or other forms of I.D.

F. We oppose sanctuary policies for illegal aliens.

G. We support protecting wages and standards of living for Americans Workers - not illegal foreigners.

H. We believe that English is the language of the land.

I. We believe in strict law enforcement and legal action against those who employ illegal aliens.

J. We believe in a strict policy with tough oversight concerning future legal immigration, asylum and refugee policies. A sensible legal immigration system - visa’s should be as needed and not in excess - being an American should not be deemed by a lottery and - asylum request should for rare and extreme cases … instead foreign governments should address their citizens concerns.

K. We believe in restricting all future individuals from entering the United States of America that possess negative background checks with heavy emphasis on restricting all those with criminal backgrounds – entry must be legal ONLY.

L. We believe United States government financial assistance should be reserved for United States citizens or legal residents ONLY.

M. We believe in the right to continue to support and promote the above mentioned bylaws.