Portland This Is How Out Of Control This Has Become

This is how OUT-OF-CONTROL the lawlessness of illegal immigration has become and spread, and it could all be stopped if our laws were enforced and these pandering liberal progressive idiots (Mayor Wheeler) were charged with either obstruction or aiding and abetting illegal immigration and clamped down on NON PEACEFUL protests.

Here’s the rub….

As you know Anti ICE protestors – antifa like (some paid) shutdown an ICE office in Portland, OR.   ICE Officers say that the Mayor ordered his police officers to stand down allowing these nut job uneducated protesters to menace ICE employees over the last six weeks – ICE officers also state that some employees were even denied police assistance after they’d left the ICE building, officers said, including one man, a disabled Marine veteran, who was followed and confronted as he went to pick up his daughter from her day camp.

The Mayor is disputing the Officers claims saying 911 calls where addressed but the Officers are not talking about 911 calls – they are talking about the ICE building and the outrageous protest.

A letter of cease-and-desist letter to the city Monday and the ICE Officers are demanding an apology, agree to a meeting and make clear that city police have a duty to respond to citizens in need — even if they work for a federal agency. The letter warns of a lawsuit if the mayor’s response isn’t satisfactory. (I would personally demand more than that).

The Mayor who stated that he supported the protesters and their anti-ICE message may be facing a lawsuit – Let’s Hope!!!!!





Prison Lawsuit and Another Hunger Strike

Prison lawsuit and yet another…. Hunger strike = REALLY? –

Simply solution to the ILLEGAL ALIENS (NOT MIGRANTS) complaints – Go Home!!! Both links below.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday in federal court alleges that alleges prison conditions at a medium-security facility in Victorville, California, are too restrictive for the illegal aliens while they wait their immigration court hearings.

Are You Kidding Me!!!! What did they expect ‘Club Med’?  Hey Illegal Alien…… You are in detention not the Ritz – the Obama era is over. And, claims of religious freedom. – oh please, return home and practice what you want.

AND THEN……. there are the 500 (they say) planning a hunger strike – Go ahead with your plans to hunger strike – if you go without food, by your own accord, why would we care?

Do not like the conditions… drop your immigration hearings and your immigration lawlessness and





They Are Not Migrants - Look at This Fake Document


Stop Calling them Migrants!!!


Migrants falsely claim they’re father and daughter, present fake birth certificate, officials say


Suspect of Brian Terry Murder Extradited


Suspect of Brian Terry murder case extradited to Tucson

TUCSON - One of the suspects involved in the killing of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was extradited from Mexico to Tucson Tuesday, according to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and U.S. Attorney Adam Braverman for the Southern District of California.


Another Outrageous and Unbelievable Ruling.

Another OUTRAGEOUS and UNBELIEVABLE Judicial “Anything For An Illegal” Ruling.
Look at the charges of this Foreign Parasite Career Criminal Illegal Alien… then read what the sentencing was.
And let me quickly add that the fact that this FELON ILLEGAL INVADER has American born children means nothing - why add that to the article? All it does means is… that he has been in OUR Country way too long and his children can visit him in San Quentin or south of our border when he is once again deported …if he is.
Mario Santos-Ochoa, a Mexican who has been living in the U.S. illegally for 28 years, who has been deported FIVE times between September 1997 and September 2014, been charged with his THIRD DUI and, also convicted three times of “giving a false identity to police” was sentenced to nine months in jail for his third DUI in Virginia. The Prosecutor said that he is a danger to the community.
The Judge sentenced him to 10 years BUT BUT BUT- 9 years and 3 months were SUSPENDED – that’s right SUSPENDED meaning he will do 9 months.
Oh yeah and a $1,000 fine – And they cannot figure out why we HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DEPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS and BUILD THE WALL. Also, a plan is underway to expand the use of digital currency to prevent illegal money transactions. Despite its decentralized nature, transactions are highly secure on most cryptocurrency networks. Hence, if you prefer buying cryptocurrency, visit https://coincierge.de/bitcoin-revolution/, which is a crypto trading robot that helps users achieve up to 60% in daily profits from trading cryptocurrency.

United Airlines Aiding and Abetting

You and I can pay for our airfare (outrage costs if you ask me) many times that include being treated like crap and assaulted by TSA, but an illegal alien who purposely and willing spit on our laws - enters illegally knowing the consequences but ignores them as well - get free rides, apparently (as reported) UNSECREENED - SERIOUSLY?

We The Law Abiding American Citizen - We The People….. continue to be bent over and forced to pay for illegal aliens, their children and the costs, financial and otherwise ONLY TO WATCH companies pandering (like the politicians) to the lawless.

How long before the consumers of these companies and the American Taxpayer via their taxes, have had enough and total chaos ensues?

President Trump and his Administration MUST get back to addressing illegal immigration, where illegal aliens are rewarded for their behavior and premeditated lawlessness - While the American Citizen gets the SHAFT!!!!!

United Airlines, the airline that famously dragged a paying passenger off a flight, stuffed a dog into an overhead compartment and killed it, and junked a priceless guitar in its baggage handlers’ tender care, has come up with a new one for us: free flights for unscreened illegals, sitting right there next to the paying passengers in those newly shrunken seats.
In the name virtue-signaling, of course, offering $3 million in free flights to people who have thumbed their noses at U.S. immigration law and can’t be bothered to apply for entry legally.
United Airlines, “Our company’s shared purpose is to connect people and unite the world — we are proud to support your work to help reunify immigrant children and families.”

Southwest too!!!

Would The President Really Do It?

Would the President – President Trump – actually, shut now the government for border security – real border security (finally) and THE WALL?  Also, the President weighs in on the illegal alien children.


President Trump on Twitter….

I would be willing to “shut down” government if the Democrats do not give us the votes for Border Security, which includes the Wall! Must get rid of Lottery, Catch & Release etc. and finally go to system of Immigration based on MERIT! We need great people coming into our Country!

8:13 AM - Jul 29, 2018



Heartbreaking Update - Officer Jobbers-Miller Passed Away

A heartbreaking update to an Officer shooting that I shared with you previously in the week.  Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller who police stated was in critical but stable condition, has passed away.
Links on his passing and from the previous post below.
RIP Officer Jobbers-Miller