Petition for Reform

To: The President of the United States of America
And the Honorable Members of Congress Petiton # 6002-5-4

As a Concerned Citizen, I am calling on a plan of action for Immigration Reform

Illegal Immigration is a national crisis and a massive financial cost to the American People. Therefore, I support legislative and executive efforts that embody the following principles.

BORDER SECURITY – Implement legislation that requires the securing of our northern and southern borders to aid in our Homeland Security efforts.

NO AMNESTY – Our nation should not consider granting amnesty that provides legal residency, privileges or other benefits to current illegal aliens.

DEPORTATION – Illegal aliens who are in the United States have broken our laws and need to be sent back to then enter legally.

STOP BENEFITS – Stop providing tax-dollar paid benefits to illegal aliens. Such as medical, welfare, financial aid and forms of documentation such as drivers license etc.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE – Enforce that the English language (the language of the land) is required as a pre-requisites for legal citizenship.

EMPLOYERS HIRING ILLEGALS – Stricter and enforced punishment of U. S. businesses that knowingly employ illegal aliens.

This Petition is being distributed by Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform.

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