MN Events

MINN-SIR radio ads played on radio stations around Minnesota:

2006 MINN-SIR Radio Ad
2007 MINN-SIR Radio Ad

MINN-SIR Rallies:

2007 MINN-SIR at the Sherburne County FairJuly 2007 - MINN-SIR and MCFIR at Albert Lea, MN Parade Sept 2006 MINN-SIR at the Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul

July 4th 2006 MINN-SIR's Pro-American Rally in Jordan, MN with Frosty Woolridge, Howard Woolridge and other Paul Revere Riders

June 3rd 2006 MINN-SIR Rally at the Mexican Consulate in St. Paul

April 29th 2006 MINN-SIR's rally at the Federal Building in St. Paul

April 8th 2006 MINN-SIR's rally at the Capital in St. Paul