St. Louis

How do the people really feel about the immigration issue?

Letter from reader in reponse to: “Twin Cities mayors, police chiefs oppose Pawlenty immigration proposal”
by Tim Nelson, Jan. 5, 2006.

Anyone who opposes cracking down on criminal behavior (especially mayors and police chiefs) should be ashamed of themselves. What part of the term illegal alien is misunderstood here? The governor, who now has my utmost respect, made it quite clear that his program would target illegal aliens, not legal immigrants.

The extremely weak argument that so-called “immigrants” would not cooperate with police is pure nonsense. The truth is that illegal aliens have never cooperated with police and legal immigrants have nothing to fear. That’s obvious. It is also a violation of federal law for any city to have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” sanctuary policy for illegal aliens. Are you listening Rybak, Coleman, McManus, and Harrington? These so-called leaders even released a joint statement condemning Pawlenty’s proposals. They should be promptly removed from office!!

The fact is that illegal aliens are responsible for a lot of the crime in the Twin Cities aside from the fact that they are already criminals for being in the country without documentation. ! I wonder how any of the above mentioned mayors and chiefs would feel if one of their relatives was victimized by an illegal alien whose status was ignored by the police?

B. C.
St. Louis Park

Letter from reader in reponse to: Re: “Hispanics wrestling with walkout”, 4/23/06, by Chuck Haga.

First of all, it is an insult to every legal Hispanic resident of the United States to lump them in with a bunch of illegal aliens (criminals) with no right to be in this country. Apparently, the writer is comfortable with his own racism, I am not.

The phony “huelga” planned for May 1, 2006 should be held to show how much this country doesn’t need cheap, illegal alien labor from whatever country. I doubt one orange will be left to rot in the fields without illegal alien labor. The growers will simply have to raise their wages to acceptable levels for a non-illegal to accept the job. Criminals like the owners of the Swift Company should be jailed for their known hiring of illegals. They are the biggest crooks of them all: Corporate criminals using cheap (to Swift) labor subsidized on the backs of American taxpayers. It is organized crime, plain and simple.

As for the profiles of the “plight” of illegal alien criminals in St. James and other places throughout Minnesota, I say “Who Cares?” They chose to break the door down to the US and cut in line in front of legal immigrants. Maybe they should “marcha” back to where they came from and wait their turn. That’s the American way.

By the way, I’m a pro-borders, anti-illegal immigration, American-born Hispanic who could care less what the out of touch, horse and buggy mainstream media thinks about this issue since I’m on the right side of history.

B. C.
St. Louis Park

Letter from reader in reponse to: “MADE IN MINNESOTA”, by Kevin Diaz, May 20 2006.

Regardless of this article’s dubious intentions (open-borders, emotionalism over logic, etc.), the Star Tribune has actually helped the cause of Americans (we’re the majority) opposed to mass immigration, especially the organized crime known as illegal immigration.

For those not privy to this issue, the most eye-opening part of this article should be amount of remittances sent each year to Mexico, including towns like Axochiapan. These are dollars stolen from the United States in the form of jobs acquired illegally, often with fraudulent documents. Much of the money “earned” by the illegal aliens is not spent in the American economy but rather sent via wire service (Western Union, MoneyGram and other traitors) to Mexico so Vicente Fox, et al can continue living their lives of luxury while exporting their problems to the dumb gringos (P.C. racial slur).

In the meantime, American taxpayers have to endure lost jobs and wages, crowded or closed hospitals, bi-lingual and dysfunctional schools, ruined neighborhoods, and a continuing erosion of our language and national identity to name a few things. Sounds like a raw deal for the average lower to middle class American.

Anyway, thanks for the coverage of America’s numero uno problem. I’ll be looking forward to more propaganda this week. By the way, English is and always will be America’s language. Providing this article in Spanish is just more liberal pandering to illegal aliens. American Hispanics can read English quite well, thank you.

B. C.

Letter from reader in reponse to: IMMIGRATION VOICES, by Susan Feyder, July 4, 2006.

Here is yet another extremely biased immigration article published by the “Rag of the Twin Cities”, otherwise known not so affectionately as the Strib.

My main question is: Where was the coverage of the anti-illegal immigration rally/July 4 celebration at the OK Corral in Jordan? This patriotic rally, meant to welcome the American patriots on motorcycles (one of whom is a legal immigrant), was going on about the same time as about 100 anti-American, open-borders anarchists chanted their dumb slogans such as “Minutemen go home”, “no racists”, etc. in St. Paul. What was very revealing about the goon rally in St. Paul was the near complete absence of American flags on our nation’s Independence Day. However, the red flag of communism was prominently displayed.

In spite of the lack of media coverage (with the exception of KARE 11), the rally in Jordan was definitely a success, even with only about 60 people. I would rather hang out with 50 American patriots than 30,000 low lifes in Che Guevara shirts any day.

B. C.