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We have posted the latest monthly issue of the North Carolina Crime Report by Suspected Illegal Aliens on our website; www.NCFIRE.info. This report covers crimes by suspected illegal aliens in NC for the month of August. It is over 100 pages long! It can be viewed online as a pdf file here: http://ncfire.info/august2012.pdf.
NOTE: immigration status undetermined - investigating status currently
and will inform what I find - HOWEVER seeing the meda finds it
an unimportant piece of the story - I am including this article and horrible crime
until at which time his status is known.
and this

Osvaldo Rivera on $5M bail; possible rape, murder charges in Camden attack on boy, 6, and girl, 12

Posted on Camden County on September 04, 2012, 7:30PM

CAMDEN — The man charged with cutting the throats of a 6-year-old boy, killing him, and his 12-year-old sister in Camden while allegedly high on “wet” could soon be facing sexual assault charges in addition to murder and attempted murder. Osvaldo Rivera, 31, faced no new charges as of his arraignment in Superior Court Tuesday. However, Assistant Prosecutor Christine… Full story »
wonder who is using these dead peoples identities
A Raleigh-based group devoted to reducing the potential for voter fraud presented the N.C. Board of Elections on Friday with a list of nearly 30,000 names of dead people statewide who are still registered to vote. … READ MORE
CRIME: ICE holds Mexican man arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure
A Mexican man arrested in Escondido this week on suspicion of fondling himself in his truck near where children were walking to school has been placed in federal custody on an immigration hold, police said Wednesday.
Escondido police officials pointed to the arrest of Antonio Montoya-Senteno, 28, as proof that Operation Joint Effort, their controversial partnership with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, is working.
An adult witness saw Senteno fondling himself and watching children walk to school in the 1200 block of Broadway in Escondido on Tuesday, said Escondido police Lt. Chris Wynn. No children saw the act, he said.
Officers found Senteno in his truck and arrested him on suspicion of indecent exposure, a misdemeanor. Normally, police officers would have booked and released Senteno at the scene.
However, because he did not have an identification card, officers took him to the Escondido Police Department headquarters where ICE agents questioned him and determined he was not in the U.S. legally, Wynn said. Senteno has voluntarily gone back to Mexico three times in the past, Wynn said.
“The state charges Montoya-Senteno is facing are not bookable and he may not have (been) identified as a criminal alien had it not been for the ICE officers who assisted at the Escondido Police Department,” Wynn wrote in the statement.
“This case represents another example of how Operation Joint Effort has assisted local law enforcement with the removal of criminal aliens from our community.”
As part of Operation Joint Effort, eight ICE agents and one supervisor work out of the Escondido Police Department headquarters, working with police and questioning criminal suspects about their immigration status.
Earlier this year, Police Chief Jim Maher said only people lawfully stopped by police officers, and not victims of crimes, would be turned over to ICE agents for questioning.
Immigrants and civil rights groups have criticized the partnership, saying it could frighten illegal immigrants living otherwise law-abiding lives into not reporting crimes, for fear of being deported.
This week, a broad coalition of conservative groups in the county called on Sheriff Bill Gore to allow ICE officers into sheriff’s stations, a policy change Gore has resisted.

The fourth and final brother of the Arellano Felix Organization (AFO), a ruthless Tijuana drug cartel, was extradited from Mexico City to San Diego on Friday and pleaded not guilty to all charges in a Southern District of California federal courtroom this morning.

After years of unsuccessful appeals, the Mexican government finally granted the U.S. government’s extradition request and Eduardo Arellano-Felix, 55, one of the alleged leaders of the AFO, made his first court appearance on charges of racketeering, money laundering ands drug trafficking.

Keep reading: http://www.examiner.com/article/drug-kingpin-arellano-felix-has-his-day-a-san-diego-court-1


14th Amendment being exploited by ‘birth tourists’
2003, more than 12,000 Turkish children have been born in the U.S., giving them instant citizenship, under the 14th Amendment. They are part of a lucrative industry known as ‘birth tourism.’

In 2010, Selin Burcuoglu, who gave birth to her daughter in the U.S., told the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review: “We found a company on the internet and decided to go to Austin [TX} for our child’s birth. It was incredibly professional. They organized everything for me. I had no problem adjusting and I had an excellent birth.”
Burcuoglu added: “I don’t want her to deal with visa issues-American citizenship has so many advantages.”

Fishkill stabbing suspects also face immigration charges

FISHKILL – The two Atlanta men accused in a stabbing that left three men injured at a hotel in town are being held without bail in Dutchess County Jail on separate immigration charges, officials said.
In the stabbing, Yimith Rodriguez, 18, and Freddy Rodriguez, 24, face felony assault charges and misdemeanor weapons and obstructing governmental administration counts, town police said.
Police said they think the assailants and victims knew one another and were staying at the hotel while working in the area. They were arraigned Wednesday. Bail was set at $50,000 cash or $100,000 bond for the Fishkill charges, jail officials said. They are due in Town Court at 9 a.m. Sept.
Mexico trying to free convcicted child murderer
Mexico’s President-elect Enrique Pena Nieto has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the appeal of Rosa Estela Olvera Jimenez, who was sentenced in 2005 to 99 years in prison for the murder of a 1-year-old Texas boy.
The little boy died after choking on five paper towels that prosecutors say Jimenez stuffed down his throat while she babysat him.
Jimenez continues to maintain her innocence, claiming the toddler ate all of the paper towels on his own.
In April, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals denied the convicted woman’s request for a new trial.
We The People California’s Crusader http://californiascrusader.com/

Illegal Alien Killed Young American

serves no jail time
and continues to reside
in Southern California

NOTE: According to San Bernardino County Superior Court records, Pablo Arturo Duarte Rodriguez, required a court appointed Spanish interpreter during the court proceedings.

Eric Haydu Zepeda was killed by illegal alien PABLO ARTURO DUARTE RODRIGUEZ.

YUCAIPA, CA - August 11, 2011: Witnesses stated that Rodriguez, driving a white van, made a left turn into a mobile home park driveway and struck Eric, who was obeying all traffic laws while driving a 2010 Kawasaki motorcycle with a passenger - his girlfriend (photo at right). She sustained non-life threatening injuries.
Eric was in the hospital for a month and underwent multiple head surgeries - including a cranioectomy - and leg surgeries. On September 8, 2012, Eric passed away in Fontana, CA, from injuries sustained in the crash.

The police report stated that Pablo Arturo Duarte Rodriguez presented a Guatemalan driver’s license to officers. At that time, he had 3 prior citations for driving without a license.


Rodriguez was convicted of vehicular manslaughter without negligence on 7/30/12.
His current status? Rodriguez is on UNSPUPERVISED PROBATION for 3 years. If he does not violate his probation, he will not serve the 180 work release days, that were court ordered. As stated above, he is residing in the Whittier, CA area.
Unsupervised probation means that while the offender does have a probation officer, the defendant reports less frequently. The probation officer rarely conducts home or employment visits. According to the San Bernardino County Superior Court record, he has been ordered to “DRIVE ONLY WHEN PROPERLY LICENSED AND IN COMPLIANCE WITH ANY RESTRICTION PLACED ON HIS DRIVING PRIVILEGE, AND BE PROPERLY INSURED. ACCORDING TO LAW.”
Eric’s mother Brenda Sparks said, “There is a 99.9 percent chance that Rodriguez is continuing to drive!”
Rodriguez is in the USA illegally. He is working and driving illegally - when the killing of Eric is included - Pablo Arturo Duarte Rodriguez has been 
cited a total of 4 times for driving without a license. He struck Eric with his van and Eric passed away on September 8, 2011, from head and body injuries. Rodriguez did not spend even one day in jail and is on unsupervised probation for 3 years.
Brenda Sparks’ victim witness statement said Rodriguez was distracted as he was delivering newspapers, with an illegal alien partner, when he collided with Eric. But Rodriguez claimed he was not delivering newspapers and that he was “looking for a new place to live” - which Eric’s mother Brenda Sparks said is “a lie.”
She said that Rodriguez has shown no remorse for the killing of her son. 

PLEASE JOIN US AT A MEMORIAL HONORING ERIC HAYDU ZEPEDA - Eric’s family members will be in attendance so PLEASE COME AND SUPPORT ERIC’S LOVED ONES! The memorial will be held near the site where an illegal alien - with 4 citations for driving without a license - took the life of Eric Haydu Zepeda.
SIGN A PETITION AT THE MEMORIAL TO DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY SECRETARY JANET NAPOLITANO AND ICE DIRECTOR JOHN MORTON - demanding that Pablo Arturo Duarte Rodriguez - a lethal menace on U.S. roadways - be taken into custody by ICE and ultimately deported to his home country!


November 24, 1988 - September 8, 2011

 Candlelight Vigil - Honoring Eric: on the one year anniversary of this death.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

7:00 pm

Public sidewalk, in front of Lillian Eaton Park
(next to the city hall & sheriff substation – 5th and Yucaipa Blvd.)

34272 Yucaipa Blvd.
Yucaipa, CA 92399