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Rancher: Linn Area a Corridor for Illegal Activity

Cappadona pointed to another smugglers’ landmark near his property.

“They’ll drop off here and they’ll hop the fence. They’ll come right down this little trail right here and right back here in the brush. They hide and they either way for another pickup or continue on north,” he said.
A few minutes later, a man walked past the CHANNEL 5 NEWS crew along the road. The man said he was from El Salvador and was on his way to Houston.
The man said he had gotten separated from his group.
The deputy constables said he would not make it Houston. They alerted Border Patrol agents so they could pick him up.
FBI Investigates Brutal Threats Against Officers & Their Families 11/12/12
CBS 7 News Staff
November 12, 2012

Midland, TX -Violent threats against West Texas lawmen and their families now have the attention of federal agencies.
The FBI and Homeland Security are investigating threats found under a public forum on by a person disguised as “El Diablo.”
We first learned the online posts were targeting Midland city and county officials but “El Diablo” is also spreading its viral terror to other West Texas cities. The threats target specific officers as well as family members in Midland, Fort Stockton and Pecos.
In the posts, Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter, Police Chief Price Robinson, Sgt. Ben Chavez and even specific names of some of their family members are targeted.
The writer of these brutal threats says no MPD employees or family members are safe.
It doesn’t stop there; El Diablo also takes aim at the entire city. Claiming on December 25th, there will be pipe bombs in public places that will create carnage unimaginable.
In Fort Stockton the person says they are sending Special Forces with high caliber weapons to wipe out the police department.
In each case El Diablo claims racism and corruption as the motive.
Officers we spoke to say at this point, even just the validity of these posts is under investigation. But still, they tell us it’s the first time threats of this magnitude have been made and they have no choice but to take it seriously.
We spoke with numerous officers and city officials, all of which were unable to speak with us on camera because of the delicate nature of the case. Several of our sources have told us that the IP address for the posts has been traced to Juarez, Mexico. All posts on the forum have since been removed from the site.


Brooks County is a less than five-hour drive from Houston, but the rural community of just over 7,200 people is facing an overwhelming amount of crime. High-speed chases, smugglers and a rising body count has become a fact of life in a county made up largely of ranchers and farmers.
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ICE arrests 16 illegal immigrants in Kan. sweep
WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — Immigration officials have arrested 16 illegal immigrants during a three-day sweep across Kansas targeting criminals and fugitives.
The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Friday the arrests occurred in Wichita and surrounding communities and in Liberal and Dodge City. Fourteen of the immigrants were from Mexico, with one each from Guatemala and El Salvador.
The agency says 11 of the men had prior convictions for crimes such as aggravated assault, aggravated battery, identity theft and domestic battery. Three were immigration fugitives who failed to leave the country as ordered. Two had re-entered the U.S. illegally after being previously deported.