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Emilio Hector Gloria Fuentes, a 49-year-old immigrant from Morelos, said he is staying with some relatives in the home of a priest because they can’t return to the basement where they lived in Staten Island.
Fuentes, who works in a pizzeria, is not eligible for FEMA help because of his immigration status.
I had my savings, in cash, in that basement. I lost them all,” he said. “A disaster like this is much worse for an undocumented person than for a United States citizen or someone with some money.”
Immigrants struggle to cope in Sandy’s aftermath
A U.S. county not far from the nation’s capital is spending $100,000 to provide “application assistance” to illegal immigrants recently spared from deportation under President Obama’s backdoor amnesty plan.
Metro drug ring tied to Mexican cartel
LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Four people are under arrest on drug charges and over 2,400 pounds of marijuana are off the streets after an eight month investigation which police say was connected to a drug cartel in Mexico known for violence.
LMPD says the arrests came after multiple search warrants were served early Wednesday at two Okolona homes - one in the 6300 block of Hackberry Way and a second in the 10100 block of Winding River Way.

In addition to the marijuana seized, Mitchell said officers also confiscated approximately $1.6 million in cash.

“The money just kept coming from every room in the house, the basement, upstairs, to first floor,” said Lt. Rich Pearson.

Judge upholds South Carolina law on immigration checks by police
CHARLESTON, S.C., Nov 15 (Reuters) - A federal district judge on Thursday ruled that South Carolina police could check the immigration status of anybody they stop, but kept a ban on
other parts of a new state immigration law pending a challenge in the U.S. Supreme Court.
NC tax expert: ‘Stop and investigate’ illegal immigrants’ tax refunds
RALEIGH, N.C. — Less than a month after the WRAL Investigates team reported on a tax fraud scheme involving suspected illegal immigrants, a Wake Forest certified public accountant has come forward to say she has questioned some of her own clients’ suspicious behavior.
Mexican drug cartels and Hezbollah strengthen alliance: New report - National Law Enforcement |

During an interview of a top GOP lawmaker on Fox News Channel on Monday, while discussing the threat by terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah to Israel, Congressman Mike McCaul stated that a new report reveals that Hezbollah is operating in the Western Hemisphere and is as much a threat to the United States as it is to Israel.

11 illegal immigrants arrested in human-smuggling sting

PHOENIX – Authorities in Maricopa County say 11 illegal immigrants have been arrested as part of an ongoing 30-day operation aimed at human smuggling.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio says nine suspects have been booked into jail on human smuggling charges. Two others were turned over to federal authorities.

The arrests were made this week after sheriff’s deputies pulled over a pickup truck and found 10 illegal immigrants in the back covered with a tarp. A passenger fled the scene and escaped.

Authorities say the suspects admitted to paying up to $4,000 each to be smuggled into the U.S.

Arpaio says one suspect has an extensive criminal history in the U.S. and has previously been deported four times.

Arpaio says 53 illegal immigrants have been arrested during the 30-day operation.

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