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Suicidal GOP senators join open-borders Dems for Shamnesty Redux

Hey, did someone set the clock back six years in Washington? Because today looks a hell of a lot like the dawn of the Bush-Kennedy-McCain 2007 illegal alien amnesty. Deja vu all over again.

Starring in the role of John McCain this time around? Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio. Standing in for George W. Bush? Barack H. Obama. The usual liberal Democrat and bend-over Republican suspects serving as the supporting cast? Majority Whip Dick Durbin of Illinois, Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, illegal alien intern employer Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey, Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, and freshman Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake.

If the Kabuki promise of “securing the border first” sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the same empty, bullcrap promise that shamnesty peddlers have pitched since the Reagan years……

Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, tells Newsmax that the agreement is no different than existing law that the federal government repeatedly fails to implement.

“It’s almost like being Bill Murray in ‘Groundhog Day,’” he said. “It’s like I’m hearing ‘I Got You Babe’ every morning over and over again. It’s immediate amnesty for all illegal immigrants, and effectively unlimited future illegal immigration.”

“How many times can you promise the same thing to people and not carry through before they stop believing you?”

There they go again! The political class launches ANOTHER Amnesty drive. Five reasons Rubio’s plan is NOT “Better Than Amnesty”;

SMASH Obama/Rubio Illegal Alien Golden Parachute and Employment Acts of 2013

After a long rest FLIMEN is back to oppose AMNESTY. Although financially broke and discouraged with the pro-illegal alien, anti-citizen efforts of the Obama Administration there is still plenty of fight left in us.

Citizens have stopped AMNESTY since 2000 and we intent to SMASH Obama/Rubio Illegal Alien Golden Parachute and Employment Acts of 2013. While the bills have yet to be filed and would never be named as such, doesn’t the title seem accurate from a citizen’s perspective? Needless to say this will be our toughest fight ever. To a substantial degree the future of America’s children depend on our efforts.

You will be receiving more FLIMEN Alerts soon and it will be really, really important that you help pressure elected officials by making the targeted calls.

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