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Dave and I will be discussing the attacks on the US Consulate in Mexico
Is This The Next Benghazi?
Where and what was the response from this Administration with regards to this
most recent attack?
Why and what has transpired since the loss of three Americans lives in 2010?
Where is the media coverage and why is Mexico down playing what transpired?
What was DHS’s response ?
This will be a very interesting show

Grenade attack at U.S. Consulate in Mexico - National drug cartel 

3 days ago – On Thursday, the Dallas News reported: Three grenades exploded Thursday evening in Nuevo Laredo, just feet from the U.S. Consulateoffice, 
Thursday, the Dallas News reported:
Three grenades exploded Thursday evening in Nuevo Laredo, just feet from the U.S. Consulate office, sources in the Mexican border city said.
No injuries were reported, but the explosions rattled the neighborhood, as locals scurried for cover amid a firefight between what’s believed to be members of the Zetas criminal group and their former allies, the Gulf cartel, which is making a push to reclaim the territory.
The two groups appear to be battling, leaving a trail of killings and burned houses. In recent days, sources said, seven people have been killed — three of them Americans — and five homes torched.
The U.S. Consulate issued an alert, and Mexican soldiers were deployed to guard the building.
This is the second time in three years, an explosion has rocked the U.S. facility.
In April 2010, someone tossed an explosive device onto the grounds of the U.S. consulate in Nuevo Laredo. The bomb broke windows and caused some minor damage, but no injuries were reported.
Nuevo Laredo is just across the river from Laredo, TX.
In March 2010, U.S. consulate employees in Juarez were murdered in targeted attacks, after leaving a child’s birthday party.
In two separate attacks, cartel gunmen murdered two Americans attached to the consulate. Authorities believe that members of the Mexican drug gang known as the Aztecas actually carried out the attacks.
Lesley Enriquez Redelfs, a consulate employee, along with her husband, Arthur Redelfs, a detention officer with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department were gunned down as they were leaving a child’s birthday party. The couple was murdered after being chased-down by the hit men. Their baby daughter who was in the backseat survived the assault.
Also shot to death in the coordinated attacks was the husband of consulate worker, Jorge Salcido Ceniceros, after gunmen boxed-in his car. His wife, Hilda Antillon, was traveling in the car behind him and was uninjured, though the couple’s two children were wounded in the attack.
The hit squads used AK-47s as well as 9mm handguns.
***Dave’s Bio****
Dave Gibson, a former legislative aide to a state senator, has been working as a freelance writer for many years. His work has been published in many newspapers and magazines including the Washington Times. He believes that the issue of illegal immigration is the most pressing issue of our time and can no longer simply be ignored by our elected officials. He is a frequent contributor to the Talk Back With Chuck Wilder Show heard on CRN Digital Talk Radio.
Dave has recently collaborated with his great friend and activist Laura Leighton to publish his latest book: “Replacing Americans - the Deadly Consequences of an Open Border with Mexico”
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