Paul comes out, cut USDA inspectors but not SNAP for illegals

Dems preserve US-Mexico food stamp ‘partnership,’ while USDA prepares for meat inspector furloughs

THIS IS INSANITY - where are any of our of our fiscally conservative
Representatives on this ridiculous spending?
Obama’s ICE releases Illegal aliens from jail, awards $220.5 million contract to answer USCIS phones
While Obama’s Immigration Custom Enforcement (ICE) was releasing thousands of illegal aliens from jail supposedly because of the sequester budget cuts, Obama’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) was awarding a $220.5 million contract to answer phones.
On March 7, HP Enterprise Services announced it won a $220.5 million five-year “task order” from Obama’s USCIS “to manage call centers for those applying for citizenship or who need immigration assistance for the USCIS National Customer ServiceCenter.”
According to the press release:
“Immigration services is commonly the first experience a potential new citizen has in dealing with the U.S. government, so agents must be informed, professional and expedient,” said Marilyn Crouther, the senior vice president, general manager, U.S. Public Sector, HP Enterprise Services.”
This is just unbelievable
I say, let the parents or the employers of the illegal alien parents foot the bill for their “cheap” labor to cover their DREAMER children.
BREAKING: Sen. David Vitter to Block Obama’s Labor Department Replacement
Steve King: Illegal aliens Are ‘undocumented Democrats’
Rep. Steve King has no time for the talk of Republican evolution on immigration. ­ The long-time opponent of comprehensive reform told a panel sponsored by at CPAC Saturday that Republicans getting behind a pathway to citizenship ­ a component of reform supported by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and others ­ would essentially mean the GOP signed its own death warrant… ( Read Full Story)
And this from Governor Jan Brewer
Dear Friends,

I’m disappointed but not surprised by yesterday’s congressional testimony in which ICE Director John Morton acknowledged the Obama Administration released 2,228 illegal aliens from federal custody last month.
Among those released, according to Director Morton, were at least 10 individuals classified among the highest-risk offenders. Others released included repeat drunken-driving offenders who, in addition to being in our country illegally, have exhibited behavior that places at-risk every Arizonan innocently sharing our roadways.
Yesterday’s ICE testimony directly contradicts repeated assurances and explanations peddled by the Obama administration in the days after the mass release of illegal aliens became public knowledge. The American people were initially told there were hundreds, not thousands, of individuals released. We were assured they were low-level detainees of little public risk. As we now know, neither of these claims was accurate.
I repeat my request for the Obama administration to finally come clean with critical information pertaining to the release of these individuals. On March 1, 2013, my directors of the Arizona Department of Public Safety and Arizona Department of Homeland Security wrote ICE Director Morton in seeking: the number of illegal aliens released from federal custody into Arizona; their criminal profile; the manner of their ongoing supervision; and any information regarding further planned releases, among other information.
As of yesterday, the State of Arizona has received no response. This has gone on long enough. It shouldn’t require a congressional subpoena to extract basic information from the Obama administration regarding actions that directly impact public safety.
And now for the GOP response looking ahead…………………….………
So, there’s no one solution,” he said. “There’s a long list of them.”
Among the report’s 219 prescriptions: a $10 million marketing campaign, aimed in particular at women, minorities and gays; a shorter, more controlled primary season and earlier national convention; and creation of an open data platform and analytics institute to provide research for Republican candidates.
While the document, the result of a three-month listening tour, is intended to focus on strategy, the group made one major foray into policy. If Republicans want to reach Hispanic voters, the authors say, the party “must embrace and champion comprehensive immigration reform.”


Rand Paul endorses immigrant path to citizenship

and this

From Numbers USA

Whether or not you admire Sen. Paul’s bold individualistic leadership on other issues, I know you will be disappointed and maybe even shocked by the immigration platform he outlined this morning before the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

This is what he wants Congress to pass:

  • The 11-19 million illegal aliens would get to live permanently in the United States.
  • One year after Congress passes the amnesty, illegal aliens can start getting work permits to compete directly in the legal job market with Americans.
  • New illegal aliens who are enticed by the amnesty will continue to have a relatively open access to U.S. jobs because Sen. Paul opposes mandatory E-Verify and other means to keep employers from hiring illegal aliens.
  • Sen. Paul will force American workers to compete with far more new legal immigrant workers in the future.

Nowhere in his long speech did Sen. Paul indicate any concern for the 20 million Americans who can’t find a full-time job or for the taxpayers who have to support them in myriad ways while 26 million legal and illegal foreign-born workers hold U.S. jobs.

Instead, Sen. Paul emphasized the need for even more foreign workers as if there can never be a downside of too much immigration. He called for a:

” . . . dialogue that shows that the GOP sees all immigrants as assets. . . . The Republican Party must embrace more legal immigration.”