Hospital sends illegals home, OOIDA ruling and much more

US hospitals send hundreds of immigrants back home

Days after they were badly hurt in a car accident, Jacinto Cruz and Jose Rodriguez-Saldana lay unconscious in an Iowa hospital while the American health care system weighed what to do with the two immigrants from Mexico.

The men had health insurance from jobs at one of the nation’s largest pork producers. But neither had legal permission to live in the U.S., nor was it clear whether their insurance would pay for the long-term rehabilitation they needed.

So Iowa Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines took matters into its own hands: After consulting with the patients’ families, it quietly loaded the two comatose men onto a private jet that flew them back to Mexico, effectively deporting them without consulting any court or federal agency.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Washington, DC- Congressman Steve King released the following statement in response to the comprehensive immigration bill introduced by the Senate “Gang of Eight” yesterday:
“The Gang of Eight’s bill is aggressive and outrageous amnesty,” said King. “It is instant legalization of all illegal immigrants in the United States, with very few exceptions. It contains only promises: the promise of a plan for border security, of a backup plan for the border security, and of workplace enforcement in the form of making E-Verify mandatory. What makes anyone think President Obama would enforce any future immigration laws when he has violated his own oath of office to take care that the laws be ‘faithfully executed’?
I expected this from Democrats who have long understood their brand of more taxes, more borrowing, and more government giveaways, and know how to sell it. It is the Republicans who should know better. Republicans who support this bill have effectively said to Americans, ‘we are prepared to sacrifice the Rule of Law on the altar of misguided and erroneous political expediency’.”
WASHINGTON, April 23, 2013 — /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — On Wednesday morning, April 24 at 9am, the African American Leadership Council will host a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, to oppose the Senate Gang of Eight’s 844-page plus, immigration bill. During the conference, the Council will call on the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), to protect black labor by opposing amnesty and halting efforts to double legal immigration levels, as required under the bill.
Many black leaders have recognized the harm caused by large increases in immigration as the Senate bill entails. As the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights recently reported, illegal immigration to the United States in recent decades has “depress[ed] both wages and employment rates for low-skilled American citizens, a disproportionate number of whom are black men.”
“The Senate Gang of Eight’s immigration bill is not only impractical, but immoral,” said Frank Morris, Council leader, and former Executive Director of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. “Increasing immigration levels through amnesty and new visa programs, particularly at the low-skilled level, will flood the labor market with millions more people, leading to higher unemployment, more poverty, and a lower standard of living for many in the black community.” Blacks have an unemployment rate nearly twice that of the national average. The Senate’s immigration plan to drastically increase the immigrant work force will continue to keep that number high.
Coalition Leaders Urge the Congressional Black Caucus to:
  • Recognize the devastating impact that a legalization plan would have on low-skilled labor, particularly in the black community;
  • Remember its duty to protect black constituents by acknowledging the damaging impact mass immigration has on low-skilled workers.
“With unemployment at 7.6% this is preposterous,” said Coalition member Charles Butler. “I think most everyone can agree on the need to support working and middle-class citizens during a depressed economy. This bill would provide green cards and residency benefits to illegal aliens when many Americans are hurting the most. What makes sense is for America’s jobs to be reserved for people who are legally entitled to compete for them.”
Coalition Members Include:
Dr. William G. Owens, President and Founder of the Coalition of African American Pastors, Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, President and Founder of BOND Action, Frank Morris, Former Executive Director, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Assistant Bishop Curtis A. Rodgers, Northern, IL, Church of God In Christ, Charles Butler, Veteran Chicago area Talk Show Host of The Take with Charles Butler, Leah V. Durant, Former US DOJ Immigration Attorney and Principal, Law Offices of Leah V. Durant, PLLC, T. W. Fair, President and CEO, Urban League of Greater Miami, Vernon Robinson, Former Council Member, Winston-Salem, NC and former candidate for US Congressional Office, Kevin Jackson, Radio Host and Executive Director, The Black Sphere, Leo Alexander, Broadcaster, Writer and Political Commentator, Washington, DC