Very Important - They Lied To Us on Everything - it passed Committee

Everything we have been told would be in this amnesty bill was a lie - more broken promises and empty lies.
Now we read the illegal alien - (given a new name by treasonous politicians of newly legalized) - will be able to immediately receive welfare benefits, Obamacare, and that the very same illegal alien will not be required to pay all back taxes because it would be too difficult for the poor lawless amnesty recipients
There is no border security and what ever might be included is wiped away with a provision that Nappy “Pit Bull” Napolitano can just wave away.
And Unfortunately - while Americans were hearing about scandal after scandal with this corrupt Administration and/or  concerned with the Tornado in Oklahoma -
the ….Representatives of ILLEGAL ALIENS Foreigners - passed the Amnesty bill in Senate Committee - it now heads to the floor of the full Senate the beginning of June
And this
So in essence - The Senate and Gangsters of Eight have lied to the American people - aiding the illegal aliens - Broken Promises and Empty Lies ……just does not cover it. - its called TREASON - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please read the facts/truths below - they LIED and no one is holding them accountable
We must stop this on the Senate Floor and if not there the House MUST stand up for
the law abiding American and Legal Residents - not the illegal aliens