Folks Dig Deep/Gear Up, Spectators Chanting and More

Message From Ruthie:
 The Time…. to wait and watch has passed - It is time for “We The Patriots” to rise up and
end the insanity of rewarding illegal aliens amnesty.
Many of us have fought this battle for some time and given it all we have….. that said,
“It is not time to fade away quietly into the night” it is time to dig deep and get active.
For those sitting back, still engaged but not active - get active and for those of us visible
and vocal we must energize our fellow citizens - inaction is just what the pro illegal
establishment wants.
The current proposal by a Senate Committee, which will proceed forward to the
full Senate presumably the beginning of June, is nothing more than Amnesty, it throws
not only border security but legal immigration under the bus and will harm our nation
It is an illegal alien’s dream come true and an American’s nightmare.
This must not pass - Dig Deep/ Gear Up = the time is NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I bet you Obamnesty is shaking in his boots that this might have a slim chance to pass - two reasons……. 1. He would not be able to use the issue to get fellow Dem’s elected in the 2014 election cycle, but more importantly 2. How is he going to explain the COST to the American Taxpayers, Welfare, Obamacare, crime rates and costs etc. Those people who cannot yet see the massive negative effects will and it will be on his watch
Immigration bill gets Senate boost; House effort teetering
DHS to be granted total dictatorial power in immigration bill, all laws nullified, voters silenced
NaturalNews) There has been a lot of rhetoric on both sides of the issue regarding the current “immigration reform bill” that the Senate has taken up, but one thing you likely haven’t heard about at all is the scope and breadth of power the massive 850-page-plus measure contains. Simply put, if it becomes law, it will give the Department of Homeland Security near-dictatorial powers.

The USCIS union today joined the union for ICE agents (Immigration and Custom Enforcement) in opposing the S. 744 amnesty, noting that it fails to provide for necessary in-person interviews and for those who have committed serious immigration and criminal offenses.

“The legislation was written with special interests — producing a bill that makes the current system worse, not better. . . (The bill would) damage public safety and national security and should be opposed by lawmakers.”

The union said it can’t protect American security at today’s rate of applications and in no way could do so with millions of additional ones coming in.

Of course they are - they know like we do - there will be ‘no enforcement’ as a
result of this treasonous amnesty bill - they are celebrating and it is DISGUSTING!
and this……………………..………………….
‘Yes we can’ chant breaks out as Senate panel passes immigration bill

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The Senate Judiciary Committee’s passage of a sweeping immigration bill was expected. But the explosion of chants of “Yes we can! Yes we can!” and “Leahy! Leahy!” came as a surprise.
The “Gang of Eight” bill passed by

a wide 13-5 margin early Tuesday evening. Amid the cheering, Democratic committee chairman Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont could be seen motioning spectators to come up and participate in the celebration.


“Yes we can” chant was made popular by then-Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama in his 2008 presidential run.

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