You and I have made some people MAD plus important updated info

Dear Members
1. The attacks by cowards at MINNSIR/The Ruthie Report - emails and show
2. The vote this week in the Senate - my thoughts
3. Personal message
Much is happening on the illegal alien pandering feast front
and it seems much is happening with those of us combatting this treason ……..
MINNSIR Members and those that share in our determination
have mad some people quite angry
Last week MINNSIR email was hacked - not other accounts I have
just that one - so that I could not get the info to you.
At the same time my guest for the radio show - Rusty Fleming
was delayed just long enough to miss the show
You know how the saying goes………….
┬áIf “they” are mad - we must be doing something right… (with a smile)
All is now back in order
I apologize to those who did not receive last weeks emails
If this would happen again - all MINNSIR emails are posted at the website
for review - that site
2. The Senate vote - do not be swayed into believing that this means that
amnesty is going to pass the Senate much less the House.
There is talk from those like Numbers USA and others that believe
it may not have the 60 votes needed in the Senate and as for the House……
I still believe it is D O A
Continue calling your representatives - any Representative and share your
thoughts - this AMNESTY MUST NOT PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enforce the laws on the books and secure the border - instead of pandering
to the lawlessness and ignoring our security
3. I do apologize for the absence at this crucial time in our fight to stop Amnesty
and end illegal immigration -
My Father-In-Law ==== A truly GREAT GUY passed away -
it has been an very emotional and busy week
I will be resuming emails next week and The Ruthie Report will resume June 20th