So Much News LEAD Stories and 93 yr old update

Update from previous C and I email
The 93 year old woman raped by the 19 year old illegal alien (see that post)
has died - so preventable if only our laws were enforced
Our condolences to her Family and Friends

House Republicans mull citizenship for children of illegal immigrants
Dreamer groups reject Republican push to legalize them
Senators cancel immigration meeting with lobbyists amid backlash
The border problem is actually much worse that Steve King described
Making a mockery of our rule of law and spitting in our faces while laughing
This nonsense must end
Immigrants self-deport to Mexico, then ask to cross into U.S.
and this
‘Dreamers’ seek US entry with humanitarian parole
Senate approves Perez as new labor secretary
La Raza In Line To Pocket Reform-Bill Slush Funds
Note this is nonsense and treason…. so are we going to have to have officers that speak Chinese, Russian, German, Swahelie?, Arabic etc … as well - UTTER NONSENSE and TREASON - wonder what the cost just in Spanish will be to the Taxed Enough Taxpayers - Ruthie
McCain Falsely Claims Americans ‘Overwhelmingly’ Back Immigration Reform