C and I for week of Oct 10th

Shutdown halts border agents’ training
Exclusive–Fraud, Identity Theft, & Forgery: Study Exhaustively Lists Laws Broken by Illegal Immigrants
Illegal alien charged with child rape in North Carolina
OMG - this is what happens when we DO NOT enforce our laws
ENFORCE THEM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! fear of the law is no excuse - PERIOD
This is unbelievable - I cannot believe we are being asked to accept illegal aliens and their behavior because they are afraid to contact law enforcement - read what she did and a child has paid the price with her life - DEPORTATION NOW
The lawless can now practice law - DO YOU BELIEVE THIS???
Illegal aliens who are breaking the law by being in the Country to begin with - study LAW - and then demand to be able to practice LAW and Mr Moonbeam says….Okay
If California can ignore the federal LAWS then why not every State? - Ruthie