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Illegal Aliens and Obamacare - Did You Know……………
Besides keeping us well informed on crimes (many horrific) Dave Gibson has also been reporting on illegal aliens and Obamacare
Please join Ruthie this week October 24th , 2013 8-10 pm CST with
GUEST: Dave Gibson - Dave will join the show at 9:00 pm
We will discuss many of the aspects with regards to illegal aliens and Obamacare
We will discuss aspects that you may be unaware of…. or have yet to consider
A must NOT miss show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Several thoughts by Ruthie……………
Obamacare - Why are Americans and Legal Residents being forced to pay for healthcare for ILLEGAL ALIENS (in the Country illegally) who ARE EXEMPT from PPACA /Obamacare?
A better question is why are those illegally in the Country still here? One would be lead to believe that our Representatives would represent the best interests of Americans over that of illegal alien foreigners.
Even more diabolical - why is there within Obamacare …an incentive to hire illegal aliens over that of fellow Americans and those that played by our laws who entered legally for their piece of what used to be referred to as the AMERICAN Dream? Even worse the S 744 Amnesty Bill calls for eventaully qualifying illegal aliens for Medicaid.
Why are so many left leaning businesses and the Unions exempt from Obamnesty care - leaving the Middle Class to pay for their and ILLEGAL aliens healthcare… and why is it that so many businesses in Nancy Pelosi’s district - as reported in 2011 - exempt anyways? And, why does this Administration have an illegal alien as an Obamacare Navigator?
In short……… Why must I - an American Law Abiding Citizen - be forced to participate in Obamacare when so many others are exempt and WHY IN THE HELL am I forced to pay for ILLEGAL ALIENS? and while isn’t this Administration being held accountable?
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