Has Holder agreed to meet with the Terry Family on The Ruthie Report

Please join Ruthie this Thursday March 27th, 2014 8-10 pm CST

With Guest: KENT TERRY - Brother of slain Border Agent Brian Terry
Kent Terry will join the show at the top of the 9:00 O’clock Hour

Kent has been my guest previously - it was heart breaking to hear all the details a Brave Man -
a Border Agent on the front lines that was so dedicated to this Nation - Brian Terry
It was emotional to listen to hear the circumstances surrounding that dreadful and deadly evening
including Fast and Furious details
Kent and the Terry Family have been patient waiting for answers and will not wait anymore.
Kent has now demanded a meeting with Eric Holder via a letter which we will discuss (below) and has
indeed heard back from the Attorney Generals Office with regards to a meeting.    Will Holder Follow Thru ???

“Coward of an attorney general’: Murdered Border Patrol agent’s brother shames Holder”


Thursday, March 20, 2014
Saying they’ve been stonewalled for a year, the House’s top investigator sent a subpoena Thursday demanding the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives turn over documents on a storefront sting operation that went badly awry.
In one instance a Milwaukee storefront operation had $35,000 in merchandise stolen from ATF agents, including an automatic rifle, according to a report in the Journal-Sentinel newspaper, which uncovered the botched program, known as Operation Fearless.
But in the year since the operation was revealed, ATF has refused to provide details to Congress, despite repeatedly assuring investigators it would cooperate, said Rep. Darrell Issa, California Republican and House Oversight Committee chairman