An emotional Ruthie Report with Bill Hartzell…Family Member of LOUISE SOLLOWIN

An emotional Ruthie Report with Bill Hartzell …Family Member of LOUISE SOLLOWIN
Please join Ruthie this Week - Thursday May 22, 2014 8-10 pm CST
with GUEST: Bill Hartzell - Family Member and Spokesperson for the
Family of LOUISE SOLLOWIN - Bill will join the program at 9 pm
There are so many disturbing cases of vulgar crime - preventable crimes - at the hands of an illegal alien that
Ruthie shares on the show…. So many details that the BRAVE family Members/Victims have shared of their
ordeals with heavy hearts, sadness, anger and/or dismay - and all have touched our hearts……
this VIOLENT RAPE AND MURDER will not only touch your heart but anger you - disgust and disturb you -
and as it has for many and emotionally move you.
Warning - if you do listen to the show with young children - this may not be suitable show for them to hear.
Please join Bill Hartzell and I to discuss the life of Louise Sollowin
We will discuss the violent rape and murder - the trial and the final outcome of justice.
We will discuss the upcoming First Annual Louise Sollowin Scholarship Fund Raiser to
be held in July and share the specifics
I will also ask Bill his thoughts on the most recent news - ex: the release of 36,007 deportable aliens
some rapist, murders etc.

Omaha police say they found Martinez-Perez naked and on top of Sollowin. He had beaten her, sexually assaulted her and
broken several bones in her face – and blood covered the room

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