Mountain MM Happening NOW on the front lines Operation April’s Revenge on The Ruthie Report

Mountain MM happening NOW Operation April’s Revenge on The Ruthie Report

Please join Ruthie this week - Thursday October 9th, 2014 from 8-10 pm CST
With Guest: Dan Sedlar and 4 or 5 additional Patriots
Ruthie will speak with all of them thru out the program.
Guests join the show at 9 pm
Lead Stories at 8 - Criminally and or Insane at 8:30 - Dan and Company at 9 pm

Operation April’s Revenge - this Operation is ACTIVE - as we speak…… This is a fluid operation

From the AZ Border - Patriots protecting this nation participating in Operation April’s Revenge

Standing strong - doing the job this Government will not do

They will discuss the operation, what is needed, what is transpiring and a message from the drug cartels

Dan Sedlar - a Mountain Minuteman is on the front lines with what he states are “very impressive good men and women”.

Dan is also the Creator of WE ARE III%, and an Administrator for True America

Do you know why this Operation is Called  ……… OPERATION APRIL’S REVENGE?????

A message was sent to Lil Dogs and his wife April via a video

While April and Robert ‘Lil Dog’ were on there honeymoon, apparently the cartel sent them a video ….

a video of the cartels smuggling there drugs through our Arizona desert…. hence April’s Revenge.

Dan says….. We felt like they dared us….. the Mountain minutemen to come stop them…… here we are.

Yesterday we found a hot spot, today we scout the area, tomorrow we execute our trap.

Operation April’s Revenge - Mountain Minutemen

Operation April’s Revenge in Vekol Valley, AZ from October 3, 2014 through October 10, 2014.

Folks you do not want to miss this show

The Mountain Minutemen are in need of supplies, money and participants - Dan and Ruthie will discuss it

6:00 pm PST - 8:00 pm CST - 9:00 pm EST

Call-in Number: 1-917-388-4520 
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