PART TWO Jihad on Our Southern Border IMPORTANT on The Ruthie Report


Jihad on our Southern Border
Please join Ruthie this Thursday October 23rd, 2014 from 8-10 pm CST with
GUEST: DAVID H - David will join the program at 9 pm CST
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David - an expert on this subject has much more to share with us
Due to a small glitch last week (has been resolved) and due to the
amount of information David has to share we will have
David back this Thursday with Part Two
Thank You David - IMPORTANT issue -  that of ………………… Jihad at our Southern UNSECURED border
David and Ruthie will discuss many aspects - information YOU SHOULD KNOW!!!
David is a US Army veteran, former instructor in Middle East Studies with operational experience in Bosnia, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Pakistan and Afghanistan. He is currently a member of the Texas Border Volunteer
As I previously asked in PART ONE:
With the current violence and threats we are witnessing around the globe… What could possibly be a reason for NOT SECURING OUR BORDERS AND PORTS???
Why is our southern border unsecured to the point - children can enter illegally and if children are able to enter at will -
common sense would lead one to believe terrorist could!!! - Ruthie
David and Ruthie will discuss…………………..……………………
History of Hamas and -infiltration of jihadists Hezbollah in Central through South and Central and South America
America into the US -coordination between drug -the number of Latino cartels and terrorist groups
Number of Latino’s converting to Islam
Border Patrol Report: …documented members of Al Qaeda and Columbian guerilla groups discussing the use of Mexican Islamist converts to infiltrate the U.S. across the Southwest border.
The report concluded that if you want to conduct another operation after 9-11, you don’t want people to know who you are. And the best way to be anonymous is to come across the border
6:00 pm PST - 8:00 pm CST - 9:00 pm EST
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-Anti-Terrorism Instructor, US Army Special Warfare Center &School Fort Bragg, NC
-Combined Arms Special Service School, US Army Command and General Staff College Fort Leavenworth, KS
-Regional Studies (Middle East Seminar) US Army Special Warfare Center & School Fort Bragg, NC
-Infantry Officer Basic and Advance Courses, Fort Benning, GA
-Bachelor’s Degree (History Major) College of Arts, University of Oregon Eugene, OR
Current Activities
-Member of Texas Border Volunteers.
-Public Speaker on Middle East and Border Security Issues.
Employment History (US Army, 1980-2010)
-Civil Affairs Officer Planner, Special Operations Command, Central Command (SOCCENT) (2007-2010)
-Office of Military Cooperation, US Embassy Cairo, Egypt (2004-2007)
-Civil Affairs Planner at Joint Readiness Training Center, Fort Polk (1996-97, 2000-2002)
-Instructor, Middle East Studies at US Army Special Warfare Center and School Fort Bragg, NC (Drilling Reservist, 1993-1996)
-Team Leader, 96th Civil Affairs Battalion Fort Bragg, NC (1989-1992)
-Infantry Officer in 82nd Airborne Division Airborne and 7th Infantry Division (Light) (1981-1988)
Overseas Deployments: MFO, Sinai, Egypt (1984), Just Cause, Panama (1989), Desert Shield/Storm Saudi Arabia/Kuwait (1990-91), Provide Comfort, Northern Iraq (1991), Joint Guard, Hungary/Croatia/Bosnia (1997-98), Iraqi Freedom, Kuwait/Iraq (2003), Enduring Freedom, Qatar (2007), Enduring Freedom, Pakistan (2008) Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan (2009)
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