Gut Wrenching interview with Dan Golvach father of Spencer Golvach on The Ruthie Report

A Gut-wrenching, Heartbreaking, Emotional and Infuriating … The Ruthie Report
with Guest Dan Golvach - Father of murdered musician SPENCER GOLVACH

Please join Ruthie this week ……. Thursday March 12th, 2015  at 9 pm EST, 8 pm CST, 6 pm PST

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Folks why are the lives of Americans not paramount to the politicians in Washington
Why do American Families have to experience the pain of losing a loved one - one who is forever gone
to crimes that were totally preventable if only our border was secured and our laws enforced?
Dan and Ruthie will discuss Spencer, his life, the facts and timeline of Spencer’s murder and others this illegal alien murdered
and Dan’s thoughts on the lawlessness at hand -
A DO NOT MISS Ruthie Report

Spencer Golvach was shot in the head on January 31st while sitting in his car waiting for a stoplight to change.
He was shot by Victor Reyes who was illegally back in the country after he had been deported four times.
Reyes had been convicted and served time in a federal prison for a crime of violence.
In fact, he was convicted of violent assault on two occasions.

At a press conference called by the Golvach’s on March 2nd, Dan and Julie Golvach told lawmakers “My son’s death was preventable.”
Spencer Golvach’s parents are “calling upon state and federal representatives to do what they were elected to do – protect Americans.”
Mr. Golvach said politicians who talk tough on the border but do not act to protect it “can pick out one of their kids,” referencing the sacrifices he has made
as a result of a porous border. 

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