Mexicans Against Illegal Immigration with April Mrs. Lil Dog Crooks on The Ruthie Report

Mexicans Against Illegal Immigration with April (Mrs. Lil Dog) Crooks on The Ruthie Report
Please join Ruthie this Thursday May 21st, 2015 at 9 pm EST, 8 pm CST, 6 pm PST
with GUEST: April - Mrs. Lil Dog) Crooks
Leading the way with the group Mexican Against Illegal Immigration, as well as aiding Robert Crooks in his endeavors.
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Mexicans Against Illegal Aliens is simply a group of super ticked off people who are of Mexican ethnicity and are Americans
or legal aliens who followed the law.
Ever wonder where all those voices are of Americans of Mexican/Hispanic/Latino decent that stand with us on ending illegal immigration?
Do you wonder why we do not hear more from them? Is it because they are afraid to speak up, is it because they are just not engaged
or is it because ……they too ….like you and I …are ignored and demeaned? So what does the liberal left call those Americans of Mexican decent
who stand against illegal immigration from Mexico and beyond …. a token racist? I wouldn’t be surprised and I will ask April.
Please join April and Ruthie to discuss her life on both sides of this issue. What Mexicans Against Illegal Immigration is all about and
what they future activities, plans and goals are in this battle
April Crooks is an AMERICAN of  Mexican ethnicity. My father was born in Mexico and my mother in Idaho. I am from Utah. My father’s family came here legally and made sure that they learned English. They assimilate d to our American culture and way of life.
April has lived both sides of this issue -
She states……………………………..
I have lived both sides of the argument and the point is that we are a society of laws, not special interests. What is happening today with the obama ministration allowing the dreamers, their families, and now flying in their family members, is a slap in the face to my family members in friends that came here legally. Doing things legally you get punished and doing things lawlessly you get rewarded. How is that right? The Mexicans Against Illegal Aliens is simply a group of super ticked off people who are of Mexican ethnicity and are Americans or legal aliens who followed the law. We have seen our wages stagnate if not go down while inflation has increased. The unemployment rate reported by the government is a lie. We are not in an economic recovery and anyone with two brain cells who isn’t indoctrinated by the state run media can see that. We don’t have a labor shortage, we have a job shortage. And jobs need to go to Americans, not illegal aliens, h1b1 visas, or foreign workers.
She has earned a dual bachelor’s degree in business administration and management as well as a master’s in business. April has worked in construction hanging drywall and literally worked with 95% illegal aliens. Many of them don’t go through the apprenticeship program and learned in residential construction and then come on board to commercial construction and Union jobs indicating they were journeymen, when in fact many of them were no better than apprentices.
And much more - please tune in for her whole story and thoughts