News for July 2nd

This Saturday is July 4th - Happy Independence Day - but I would ask that while you celebrate please do Be alert and aware of your surroundings
Nation Security warning for possible terrorist attacks this July 4th
So tell me - if there were an attack this weekend by those who hate America and vow death to Americans and the Nation - and if those who perpetrate such attacks - actually entered the nation illegally thru our unsecured southern border - do you believe the American Citizenry would be told?
Or no matter who and how these attackers entered the United States - will the talking points be repeatedly —- that HOMEGROWN Terrorist element?
And whether the talking heads, MSM and this Administration were to tell the truth or not - my question is to you…… if these feared attacks are by an illegal alien terrorist who entered over our southern border while the Dept Of Homeland Security panders or by one a Refugee Terrorist that this Administration welcomed in via some Refugee Program - will you hold them responsible ?
It is just reprehensible that while we are informed about potential attacks - we see nothing transpiring on our southern Border, Northern Border or ports to ensure our Nation and Individual safety.
Please question the reporting on any activity and remember to hold accountable
Todd Starnes reports that
Protestors are threatening to burn the American flag in NYC.
Two Brooklyn men showed up with super soakers to extinguish the flames. The guy told me:
“They have a constitutional right to burn the flag — I have a patriotic right not to let them.”
And then the Hallowed Sons of NY rolled up!
Ain’t gonna be any flag burning tonight!
Apparently this USA flag trashing event was not successful - get engaged Folks - This is OUR COUNTRY and OUR FLAG - the nonsense must end
They knew the surge was coming and did nothing and then lied to the American People……YET AGAIN
Treason - time for impeachment proceedings and pink slip to some in Congress to immediately begin.
And please do look at the Falfurrias Border Sign at this link …. The number of drugs and illegal’s caught 70 miles inland.
From the Article……………………
Despite claims the administration was caught off guard, the White House and four Cabinet departments predicted last year’s surge of at least 60,000 illegal juveniles over the U.S.-Mexico border and expect it to more than double to 127,000 this year, according to an internal document.
Washington Secrets
Revealed: Feds predicted surge of illegals, see another 127,000 this year
Breaking…. Potty-mouthed protestors at Barnes & Nobles Ann Coulter book signing in Costa Mesa, CA tonight (7-1)
A flash mob congregates, drop banners and begin profanity-laced chants and tirades (plenty of children present):
While Veterans are homeless and in need our of Nation‘s support and assistance - many times only addressed when it is politically beneficial…….While many Americans are suffering and Taxpayers are continually under assault etc. … just goes on and on WHAT DO WE SEE????????
This asinine nonsense and financial waste for those who spit on our laws and are in the Country illegally
Enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is long overdue that Americans demand this CRAP STOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Homeland Security: Give Transgender Illegal Alien Detainees Their Choice of ‘Undergarments’
Congrats, America! Donald Trump Is Now A 2016 Presidential Front-runner
Posted: 07/01/2015 2:45 pm EDT Updated: 07/01/2015 3:59 pm EDT
ROGUE SCOTUS STRIKES AGAIN: Supreme Court Blocks States from Proving Voters are Legal Citizens
Texas Showdown July 31st – Judge Vs Dictator, Hanen Vs Obama, Lawman Against Outlaw
U.S. Post Office Introduces Illegal Alien-Friendly Wire Transfer Service
By Top Right News on June 22, 2015 in amnesty
by Gina Cassini | Top Right News
Jun 18, 4:32 PM EDT
Mexico deports more Central Americans than the United States
July 1, 2015 11:12 am·1 CommentViews: 142
U.S. is the No. 2 Spanish-Speaking Country in the World
Car bombs discovered in Juarez
Illegal immigrant living in Hagerstown is held on $100K bond in child-porn case
Woman accused of trying to smuggle children over Hidalgo bridge using fake docs
Illegal Alien Has Been Charged With Three DUIs Since January
Updated: Jun 29, 2015 7:50 PM CST
Nogales CBP arrests five alleged smugglers with $1.45M worth of drugs
Opium Now Bigger Cash Crop than Marijuana in Mexico
14 year old executes 4 in Monterrey, Mexico.
The future is not too bright for some kids in Mexico.