Christmas Message and this week on The Ruthie Report

 MERRY CHRISTMAS One And All !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. Christmas
2. The Ruthie Report
1. Christmas is upon Us and from MINNSIR, The Ruthie Report and Ruthie and Family
A Very Merry Christmas to You - Fellow Patriots!!!!!!!!!!
There is so much insanity taking place - so much corruption, lawlessness, political backroom deals and out in out unAmerican activities that it can make ones head swim…. many struggling between the hustle and bustle of the Christmas and New Years activities and the travesty we see in play.
But, Our choices are few - We either lose this Nation or We stand and fight in unity - not for political party but for our Country and it’s future.
Knowing what we face and that there is no room for failure - please find comfort in the few days ahead those who have someone to share in the moment and those who have no one - find peace.
Renew your determination and gear up for what lies ahead
For now Please Remember the Reason For The Season and enjoy as only you can
Merry Christmas
2. This week on The Ruthie Report………………..
Before the transition to Patriot Network News - I had the honor to have on the program
Linda Vickers and Jim Gibson of the Texas Border Volunteers - they had much to share and
information that you should hear…. how our fellow Americans are forced to live due to the UNSECURE border and more.
Seeing Thursday is Christmas Eve - there will not be a live show - instead this important interview will rebroadcast
Please watch for New Year’s Eve show announcement
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