Time to Catch Up plus Tribute to Louise Sollowin on The Ruthie Report

Please join Ruthie Thursday, July 21th, 2016 at 10 pm EST, 9 pm CST, 8 pm MST or 7 pm PST

I will be taking time to Catch Up with News - address a few things and then……

Pay a TRIBUTE of sorts to a victim of illegal immigration…..

Louise Sollowin who holds a very special spot in my heart.

July 21st is the anniversary of the horrific crime against this 93 year Woman.

A Woman viciously beaten and raped July21st, 2013 who surcame to her injuries passing away Wednesday July 24th. A 93 year old woman brutally beaten and raped at the hands of an illegal alien

With all the violence we are currently witnessing not only aboard but here at home,

We must not ignore the discussion and reminders of the senseless crime taking place by those who should not be in the Country to begin with - to ignore this crime would be a dis-justice not only to our Nation and Rule of Law - but to the many who have paid with their lives…..

like Louise Sollowin and sadly so so many more.

A family member has been invited to join the program and will attend… if able.



Man to be charged with first-degree murder in connection with rape, death of 93-year-old
Death penalty sought in rape, slaying of 93-year-old Omaha woman



93-year-old’s rapist/killer is sentenced to life in prison