Would You Ever Stop Fighting for Justice with Guest Vickie Lyon on The Ruthie Report

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with GUEST: Vickie Lee Lyon

Reyes never spent one day in jail ……………………………………

Some say or believe that if a loved one was NOT murdered recently that the pain and suffering…. the heartache….the anger just simply dissipates …but those living this nightmare …. they know different.

Some will continue to fight for justice - fighting to stop the insanity - fighting to bring awareness to the preventable loss of life that those left behind must endure.

Would you ever stop fighting for justice ?

How long before you would stop trying to educate your fellow citizenry ?

How long before - or would you - ignore the facts that an illegal alien took your child, your loved one and that it was so preventable if only our laws were enforced.

Please join Ruthie and Vickie Lyons as they discuss the death of her daughter at the hands of an illegal alien that never spent one day in jail - instead fleeing in the dark of night - and has yet to be held accountable.

Here Vickie discuss the care of her grandchildren (They Too Were In The Car) right after the accident to this day. Hear what your fellow Americans are trying to tell and share with you.

From Vickie:


This beautiful young lady is my daughter Dennielle “Nikki” She was tragically killed by a drunk cocaine fueled ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINAL smashed into Nikki’s car head on with our 2 young grandchildren. Look at the picture of our 4 year old grandchild given a 30% chance of surviving. Fernando Reyes never spent one day in jail or prison. His family took him from a rehab facility in the middle of the night. FHP never pursued Nikki’s killer. PLEASE support TheRemembranceProject.org to help us get legislation to stop this inflow of illegals. TRUMP is the only candidate who has recognized our losses and tragedies. DON’T LET YOUR CHILD OR LOVED ONE BE NEXT!! Love and miss you Nikki every second of every day
Dennielle Nikole Schermock May 24, 1976 ~ November 17, 2001 Gone to soon, forever in our hearts!

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