Eric Zepeda’s Mom Brenda Sparks on the 5th Anniversary of his death on The Ruthie Report

“Rest In Peace Eric”

Please join Ruthie Thursday, September 15th, 2016 at 10 pm EST, 9 pm CST, 8 pm MST or 7 pm PST

with GUEST: Brenda Sparks - Mother of Eric ‘Krikit’ Zepeda killed by an illegal alien.

There are many Family Members and Friends of Americans ……that mourn the permanent loss of a Loved One

due to preventable crimes at the hands of illegal aliens….many choose not to speak out or simply just cannot do so…

Then we have those who for the sake of Justice, for the sake of ‘righting the wrong’, for the sake of educating their fellow citizens…that cannot remain silence….. fighting for our immigration laws to be enforced, in an attempt to stop this suffering for future Families and Loved Ones

The Angel Moms (and Dads I would add) - The Remembrance Project and so many other Patriot Groups and Individuals fighting hand in hand to stop the insanity.

One of those speaking out is Brenda Sparks.

Some of those who speak out are a little timid or reserved in their actions…. either by their very nature or because it is how they are dealing with the pain…..their loss.

That would NOT be Brenda Sparks - she is speaking out loud and with a furry.

Please join Ruthie with her Guest Brenda Sparks leading up to this weekend’s First Annual Conference by The Remembrance Project…..For The Families … as Brenda shares the loss of her son Eric ZePeda. It has been five years since Eric was murdered, and the illegal alien responsible PABLO ARTURO DUARTE RODRIGUEZ WAS NEVER ARRESTED NOR INCARCERATED FOR THE KILLING OF ERIC. HE HAS NOT SPENT EVEN ONE DAY IN JAIL…. NOT ONE! The police report stated that Pablo Arturo Duarte Rodriguez presented a Guatemalan driver’s license to officers. At that time, he had 3 prior citations for driving without a license.


Brenda Sparks shared the story of her son Eric Zepeda who was killed by an illegal alien. She explained that the individual who hit and killed Zepeda had previously pled guilty to drunk driving three times, but remained in the country and was driving to deliver papers when he hit her son. Zepeda was in a coma for four long weeks before he was taken off of life support. Sparks expressed the shock being told that the offender who was illegally in the country, illegally driving and illegally working delivering papers could only be charged with misdemeanor vehicular homicide without negligence.


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