Jeff Schwilk Straight from Southern California on The Ruthie Report

Jeff Schwilk Straight from Southern California with a Live Update on The Ruthie Report

Due to technical issues on the 16th Jeff will instead be joining us this Thursday the 23rd.

Thursday, Feb 23rd, 2017 with GUEST: JEFF SCHWILK -

A Retired Marine and Immigration Security Analyst who now heads up San Diegans for Secure Borders - Jeff’s Schwilk’s bio is below

Times: 7 pm PST, 9 pm CST and 10 pm EST

Lead Stories and Criminally &/or Insane Segment first hour with our

Guest joining the program for the second hour.

Jeff and Ruthie will what is happening on the ‘Front Lines’ in southern California

They will discuss the current enforcement actions taking place in California and Nationwide.

They discuss sanctuary policies in California and the recent request by the Governor for additional funding for the State.

Ruthie will ask Jeff also to weigh in on a California State Legislator declaring that half his family could be deported under this new administrations immigration directives…. that being Kevin de Leon and if anything actions are being taken on this

Rep. Duncan Hunters push to end sanctuary policy and more… Will be a great show - you do not want to miss

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Served in Marine Corps Intelligence for 21 years.  Served as General Mattis’ Intel Chief at 1st Marine Division from 2001 until 2003, when I retired.

Joined the Minuteman border watch movement in California in 2005.  Founded the San Diego Minutemen in 2006 and now heads San Diegans for Secure Borders, a large grass roots advocacy group fighting for strong enforcement of our immigration laws; secure borders and homeland; and strong vetting of all refugees, immigrants, and visitors.

Most recently we have been fighting sanctuary cities and Welcoming Cities in San Diego County and Southern California.  We succeeded in getting the city of Imperial Beach to rescind their Welcoming City resolution last October after a huge public backlash.  None of our 18 cities in San Diego County have declared themselves sanctuary cities and only 3 have declared themselves welcoming cities for refugees and immigrants.

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