David Ward a Director at NAFBPO retired Border Patrol Agent and more on The Ruthie Report

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David Ward, a Director with NAFBPO, a Retired Border Patrol Officer and Field Manager in charge of Enforcement Operations and more - BIO Below.

Thursday, March 9th, 2017 with GUEST: David Ward

Times: 7 pm PST, 9 pm CST and 10 pm EST

Lead Stories and Criminally &/or Insane Segment first hour; Guest joining the program for the second hour.

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David and Ruthie will discuss the correct terminology… Raid vs. Enforcement Actions.

They will discuss how our Border Patrol Agents had their hands tied and what is happening now at the border. Has it has changed, both regarding Agents actions and the invasion.

Ruthie will ask David about BUILDING THE WALL, sanctuary cities, 287(g), the NAFBPO and much more.

AND… what happened in the case (below) You remember the utter lawlessness of the 900 aliens wrongly getting citizenship? Was any action take to undo this?

David Ward on Nearly 900 Aliens Wrongly Getting Citizenship - Grabien

David Ward on Nearly 900 Aliens Wrongly Getting Citizenship: ‘This Is Absolute Incompetence’ by DHS


Sep 20, 2016 - A lot of people had criminal records but they weren’t married up with the — the case files of these individuals. They were ultimately given …


David P. Ward is:
A Director with the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, an organization of former Border Patrol Supervisors and Managers, which advocates secure borders and interior immigration enforcement.
David has over 33 years field experience with the US Department of Homeland Security and US Border Patrol, as an agent and field manager in charge of enforcement operations. His experience is unique in that it covers both Border Security issues and Interior Enforcement.
David is considered a Subject Matter Expert on Border Security and Interior Immigration Enforcement and is frequently on Fox News, and national and local media outlets, in addition to live audience conferences and seminars regarding Border Security and Immigration Enforcement.

Believe it or not there is more.

A complete Bio can be found here…


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