American Children First with Joe Turner on The Ruthie Report

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Guest joining the program for the second hour.

Thursday, March 16th, 2017 with GUEST: MR. JOE TURNER

Founder & Executive Director at American Children First

Former Founder & Executive Director at Save Our State

Joe and Ruthie will discuss just what the future looks like for our younger generation….

Our Children.  What their future holds. Ruthie will ask Joe how he plans to address this and how we can get involved.

Personally from Ruthie…. Why is it that the narrative we hear, day in and day out, addresses the needs of children around the world BEFORE addressing the needs of our own.

We hear continuously about violence and the like, in foreign countries but ignore the safety of American Children - like those who becomes victims to current directives that are not beneficial to this Nation; or for those living in crime infested subsidized housing projects; or for those hungry and/or living on the streets homeless. We are feed many narratives but……

Time Has Come that we put OUR American Children First.

From the Website…..


We believe that American children are having their birthright stolen from them by illegal aliens and open border globalists hell-bent on destroying this great nation with their liberal policies. If you believe in American exceptionalism and the preservation of Western Civilization, join us!

What Kind of America are We Leaving Behind?

Are you angry? Are you pissed off? Good! You should be.

But more importantly…what are you doing about it?

It is time for you to take a stand and join us — fellow like-minded Americans who make no apologies for being American. People who believe that the greatness of this nation did not manifest itself by sheer accident or dumb luck. ​People who believe in borders, national sovereignty, and common sense policies that put the needs and concerns of Americans First, especially our children.

​We are a different kind of organization — one that does not wilt and hide from the bullies on the radical left who seek to intimidate through the use of violence, harassment, and political correctness.

Nor are we shackled by any sort of allegiance to the Republican Party on the right.

Our children need us to right the wrongs of decades past.

We invite you to join us today and become part of a movement of people dedicated to building a better world for our children.



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