Take Action

What you can do

1. Sign up for our email alerts

2. Participate in our boycotts and call the companies that are financially supporting pro-illegal immigration organizations

3. Stop subscribing to newspapers that advocate for illegal immigration and open-borders. You are able to read most papers online for free – it only takes a few days to get used to not reading it the old-fashioned way and worth it! We need to stop supporting companies that support illegal immigration.

4. Email our website URL to your friends and family

http://www.mnsirproject.com/ .

5. Sign up with www.NumbersUSA.com. You can send faxes to Congress for free!

6. Call and write state Representative and Senators. If you live in Minnesota, go to find your House Representative and find your Senator’s contact information.

7. Volunteer to work on campaigns of pro-border enforcement candidates

8. Contribute to MINN-SIR. 100% of the donations are used for rallies, mailings, events, etc., (our staff is all volunteers).