How do the people really feel about the immigration issue?

Letter to The President of the United States of America , US Senators and Congressmen
May 22, 2006

The American Citizens have demonstrated, faxed, phoned, written letters, emailed etc. asking and pleading with you to secure our borders, and you have failed us miserably.
We have the brave men and women of our military protecting many borders overseas, but can not seem to protect our own.

We are also aware that terrorists are and continue to enter our nation thru these unsecured borders. While you continue to play partisan games we are at risk. Therefore, LET IT BE KNOWN - that any unforgivable and unfortunate future attack on our HOMELAND and any deaths related to an attack - will be on your hands. I will forever place the blame - where blame is due - on you! I will speak, think and in my ’minds eye’ hold you accountable.

The current situation in America is seen by many as a CRISIS. The majority of the US Citizens and those that are here legally have shown their true feelings and intentions - all which falls on deaf ears.
What exactly is your response to the majority not in favor of your stand on this issue. Are you hoping that we will protest, but up a good fight and then accept this? I AM AS MAD AS HELL AND ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE! I have a suggestion: Maybe you should leave your offices and visit the homes of the unemployed American workers or visit a typical elementary school where the English speaking students education is being delayed and negatively affected, due to the required assistant to non-English speaking students. What, did I hear the word Segregation?

Maybe you should leave your cozy offices and visit a federal or state prison to see the number of illegal aliens’ mouths we are feeding daily. Maybe you should visit a day labor site and see the frustration and emotional instability you are causing. Maybe just maybe, you should visit a clinic where Americans are paying a high price for their health, or visit the home of an ill person who does not have the money and resources to pay they deductibles therefore - do not go!
Better yet, why not do this……instead of having your staff writer create yet another wonderfully written generic letter to send to those concerned - which very seldom shows your true colors- why not write a letter than explains your failing and non- American behavior!

As you continue to ignore the majority of the concerned Americans, countries all over the world are watching. They see what the majority have to say and what our elected officials are actually doing. You Sir, were elected to this office - a mistake I am sure the American people will not make again. You are not and continue to disregard our VOICES! Your actions are disgraceful. I and many others will remember in the future your position on this issue. Please consider STEPPING DOWN, so we may place people in office that WILL DO THE JOB - YOU WILL NOT DO!

The President’s ratings have plummeted, the American public is becoming increasing more frustrated and angry with the crisis at hand - and yet you - do nothing. You are to blame. You seem to be determined to change and ruined this great Country as we know it. The word “IMPEACHMENT” is everywhere.

This current CRISIS will go down in the history books still yet to come. It is my sincere hope and prayer that it will state that this crisis plaguing America was adverted and with your name in the credits. What position to you choose to be associated with for all time?

WAKE UP OR GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A True Patriot
R. H.