How do the people really feel about the immigration issue?

Who are the real victims here?
Feb 14, 2006

Some people seem to be still caught up in the “Oprah victim mentality” of more than a decade ago. To them immigrants are victims…illegal aliens are victims…but there is no doubt every citizen of American, every taxpayer, and our culture are the victims. Some of the “touchie-feelie” people living in euphoria do note understand the dangers we are in. Of course the “elite, one-world” people bent on destroying our sovereignty, our language, our culture and our economic systems know exactly what they are doing.

Let it be clear: No one from any country has the right (legal, moral, or religious) to enter this country in bad faith, under criminal pretension, with false intentions, destructive goals, and complete disregard to our country and our laws. It does not matter if the invading force is poor, impoverished, oppressed, with families, or if they are of a certain religion. We cannot accept all the world’s Third World population…even if some of them live just south of our border. We must make a stand! We must have immigration reform!

Who really are the victims when over three million illegal aliens invade us every year; when their birth rates are more than double the rest of us; when they bleed all of our “entitlement” agencies; when immigrants ship more than 20 billion (new figure) out of our country to Mexico every year, when Mexican people demonstrate, protest and abuse us; when they tell us to get out and go back to Europe; when they put up huge billboards in California stating “Welcome to Los Angeles, Mexico”; when Latinos and the Mexican government aid and abet in breaking our laws; when Mexico has the arrogance to deify and condemn us for enforcing our immigration laws (they enforce their laws); when the Mexican military stealthily intrudes into American; when radio stations are set up to inform illegals when and where to cross over; when Mexico issues “Matricula ID cards” to illegals; when there is an organized industry of smuggling people and drugs; when there are organized violent gangs; when there are organized routes and safe houses; when there is a mass organized false document industry; when immigrants are caught with as many as six false social security cards or drivers licenses; when there are more than 350,000 “anchor babies” born to illegals every year (setting up chain immigration); when 54 percent of the prisoners in federal prisons are immigrants; when there is a smuggling route in Arizona named “Arab Road”; when we discover tunnels used for smuggling people and drugs;
when meth production in Mexico and smuggling it into the United States is rampant; when illegals are entitled to free emergency medical care; when they flood our educational and court systems and our “entitlement” agencies; when foundations pour millions of dollars into the deliberate destruction of our culture; when the Pope and Catholic organizations (others as well) support mass immigration (an increase in their financial base?); when we have an ignorant policy called the Immigration Lottery; when foreign countries/companies “import” their own people to fill jobs; when immigrants overstay visas and hide in our society; when H1-B visas are abused; when we have more than 15 to 20 million illegals in our country now; when crime rates soar in every conclave; when immigrants maintain dual citizenships and can vote in Mexico and fraudulently in our election system; when people in our country shout that it is our fault because we have a higher standard of living and wealth and freedom; when American’s legal immigration quota is now more than one million a year; when our government(s), at all levels, blatantly fail to enforce laws; and when Mexico and their immigrants bluntly tell us that their goal is to take over California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas,…and the list can go on…and on.

Will someone explain to me who the victims are? What is it going to take for people to wake up? If these “touchie-feelie” people need facts…let me at it! But I know that facts will not penetrate, name-calling will occur, and these people will continue to disbelieve…and continue to live in a “politically correct la-la land.”

R. K.