April 8th week C and I Orders of Release Are you KIDDING ME

Dear Members

Given ORDERS OF RELEASE - Are You KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Undocumented Immigrants Released in Brownsville
video included
Five Illegal ALIENS women caught - simply cut loose with an Order of Release
and a bus ticket to travel the United States - What is going on?????
Watch the Video
Our laws have turned into a GLOBAL JOKE
Obama and ICE leading the way in the punch line
Five women told to report to their deportation officer - seriously????
We hear from the Gangsters of Eight that there will be tough enforcement
Is this what they are talking about - Ask them how we are suppose to
believe a thing they say - when this is what is taking place - they entered ILLEGALLY
and now thanks to the same 8 gangsters - dreams of Amnesty I am sure are….
53 Mexicans sit on death row in U.S.
This week, Mexico‘s Senate formally asked the Foreign Relations Secretariat for a report on the number of Mexicans on death row in the United Statesand efforts being made to provide them with legal assistance.

Human rights activists have expressed concern about a possible “wave of executions” of Mexicans in the United States, Sen. David Monreal, who sponsored the measure, said, without explaining the source of the information.
40 Percent in US Illegally Overstayed Their Visas
About 40 percent of illegal immigrants in the United States have overstayed their tourist, education, or work visas, according to The Wall Street Journal.
Illegal alien charged with sexaully assaulting 5-year-old girl in Maryland
Illegal alien charged with molesting girl in California