Vigil for Louise Sollowin and so much News

Please see vigil details for Louise Sollowin at the bottom of this email
Border Patrol Agent Assoc. Claims Far More than 11 Million Illegal Aliens in America
Politico’s Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei: Amnesty ‘Dead’ Until 2017
Amnesty Slipping Through Their Fingers
National Data| August Jobs: Immigrant Displacement Of American Workers Off The charts
Senator Feinstein to Homeland Security: Stop Enforcing Immigration Law
For the first time in a decade, immigration flow to South Texas greater than Arizona
Immigrants overstaying U.S. visas a major problem, experts say
The illegal alien amnesty supporters have pulled down their YouTube video after it went viral on the web, 99% of the comments were negative, and it backfired on them and harmed their effort to pass amnesty in 2013!

We now have an opportunity to really pack a punch against Amnesty.

At this time I plan to be in attendance and speak as well - Ruthie
Louise - You Are Not Forgotten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vigil for American Justice - Honoring the life of Louise Sollowin
Date: Friday, Sept. 13, 2013
Time: 1-3 p.m.
Location: Hall of Justice
Address: 1701 Farnam St., Omaha, NE 68183

• Remember Louise Sollowin
Join FAIR and other Nebraskans to commemorate the life of Louise Sollowin, a 93-year-old grandmother who was raped and murdered by an illegal immigrant in South Omaha.
• Take a Stand for Justice
On September 13, Sergio Martinez-Perez, an illegal immigrant “DREAMer” will face first-degree murder charges for the death of Louise Sollowin. The Vigil for American Justice will be held across the street from the pre-trial hearing.
• Raise Awareness
Help prevent future violence by supporting the Vigil for American Justice and making sure that the community knows about the serious threat of crime committed by those living in the country illegally.
• Support Louise’s Law
Sign a petition urging Nebraska law makers to pass Louise’s Law, which would prevent cities from passing “sanctuary” policies that protect and harbor illegal immigrants
EMCEE: Jim Rose, Talk Show Host on KFAB
Guest Speakers:
• Bill Hartzell, Grandson of Louise Sollowin
• Congressman Steve King, R-IA-4th
• Congressman Tom Latham, R-IA-3rd
• State Senator Charlie Janssen, Candidate for Governor
• Chris Baker, Radio Personality on KFAB
• Susan Tully, National Field Director for FAIR
• Maria Espinoza, Remembrance Project
• Susan Smith, Nebraskans Advisory Group
Nebraskans Advisory Group on Facebook and
• Susan Gumm, Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom - Project Immigration [email protected]