Robert Crooks on the Border and TBV special report on The Ruthie Report

Please join Ruthie this week Sept 19th, 2013 - 8-10 pm CST
with GUEST: Robert “Lil “Dog” Crooks
And….. a special report from the Texas Border Volunteers from the
Texas Border on their last watch.
This will be a GREAT show - live from the border and with a recent catch -
just two days ago - of six north bound undocumented International travelers!
Cpt. Robert Crooks is the founder and leader of the Mountain Minutemen.
Currently they are working a operation called:  TAKE BACK THE NIGHT
This operation is in AZ. on I-8, at the head of the VEKOL VALLEY…
We have a strangle hold on the drug smuggling operation here.
We have been very active in the “Counter-Narco Terrorism” aspect of the immigration issue.
They have positioned themselves on BLM#8009, a route 1 mile south of Interstate 8. at the dead end of Freeman Road -
a direct route to the Tohno-Odham  Indian Reservation which has been taken over by the Sinaloa Cartel. 

Cartels using Ariz. mountaintops to spy on cops - Nightly News -

More than $7 million in pot found in abandoned vehicles | Phoenix

We have a full length movie out:
The Minutemen the movie

The Minutemen
The Orchard


The Minutemen
The Orchard
ABC 20/20 Special: (Preview)

Mountain Minutemen - ABC20/20
1mile2go ABC 20/20 and Reason TV recently visited the Mexican border and spoke to Robert Crooks, who leads the Mountain Minutemen, a vigilante group that tries to keep illegals from entering America. “The Border Patrol agents are overworked, undermanned, unappreciated,” Crooks said. “I’m that added eyes and ears that the Border Patrol don’t have.” Crooks thinks more needs to be done. “These borders have to be secured. We’re at war.” Violence is an ongoing and escalating problem at the U.S.-Mexico border, resulting in more than 1,000 deaths so far this year, according to federal officials. The State Department recently issued a travel warning urging caution for Americans traveling to Mexico and Wednesday President Obama said he would consider deploying National Guard troops to the area to deal with the violence. See the complete story at Link Below -

Profiles of 20 Nativist Leaders | Southern Poverty Law Center

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