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Remembering Brian Terry on the third anniversary of his murder
Posted on December 17, 2013    by ror1774          
Brian Terry- Killed BorderAgent by Fast&FuriousGuns
December 15, 2013
Subject: “U” visa cap (10,000) already reached.
A “U” visa allows the alien to remain in the U.S. for 4 years, to work, and to apply for permanent residence after three years.  If it’s shown that the alien is cooperating with law enforcement and is providing valuable information, I’m not opposed to a temporary work permit, but a road to permanent residence and eventual citizenship seems “a little much”.
Dec 16, 2013 11:03 AM EST
Cap On ‘U’ Visas For Immigrant Crime Victims Reached In Record Time; Should The Federal Government Lift The Maximum Number Granted?
******************************************, North Andover, MA
December 17, 2013
Letter: Illegal immigration adds to cost of Obamacare
The Eagle-Tribune
—- — To the editor:
Liberals are emotional people. That is why they want Obamacare introduced at any cost. During the Bush administration, we used to talk in billions, now we talk in trillions. Inflation is going through the roof. President Obama should be credited for that. He is printing money like a drunken kid.
Jim Cain blasted the GOP in a letter to the editor ( “Parties must cooperate to make health care law work,” Dec. 9 ) , saying tea party supporters are an “array of nodding bobble heads,” the GOP has a siege mentality, opposing anything Obama favors.
Obama is an arrogant president who does not listen to Congress. At every opportunity, he will use executive power to void something he does not like. To conceal his dishonesty, he sealed all his educational and financial records while he professed that he would be the most transparent president. Congress does not support him because he is not trustworthy. Using his executive power, he saved Erick Holder from being fired for his involvement in in the “Fast and Furious” scandal.
The GOP has requested Obama repeatedly to seal the southern border so that thousands of people cannot come to America illegally. Illegal immigrants are a burden on America. They get free education, health care, food stamps, etc. America is a smuggler’s paradise, and people will enter this country by the millions, raising the cost of everything.
In order to get the Hispanic vote, Obama is allowing illegal immigration. He told Hispanics, Republicans are your enemy, vote for me. Obama knows how to divide and rule the nation as the British did in India, dividing Hindus and Muslims. America is headed downhill under his leadership.
Obama is not going to seal the southern border. But until and unless, Obama does something to control illegal immigration, Obamacare should not be passed. It will increase the cost of Obamacare many times. Conservatives are right to oppose Obamacare.
Tapan Bhattacharjee
Letter: Take steps to stop illegal immigration
Published 8:41am Monday, December 16, 2013
Over the years I have had many people ask me what I would like to see done on the immigration issue.
1. Enforce our immigration laws. They haven’t been enforced for the last 25 years or more.
2. Secure our borders.
3. Stop illegal immigration. Remember, illegal aliens come from every country on the planet. All illegal aliens should be deported. Tell them they have 60 days to leave on their own or we will round them up and send them back home at their expense. This would be the cheapest in the long run.
The government says there are 11 million, but they’ve been saying that for about 12 years. According to other sources, it is 20 to 25 million. It would free up about 8 million jobs. We don’t need these law breakers. If we took away all the freebies they get, most of them would self deport.
From 1928-1965 we let in about 178,000 legal immigrants per year. Now it is up to more than 1 million per year. We don’t need all these people, and our resources are finite.
Let’s not import poverty. Let’s let in people who have the talents to make the U.S. a better country, not people who drag us down. Limit immigrants to 200,000 per year.
I have worked on this issue since 1994 and have had the same goals since then.
Paul Westrum,
Albert Lea
SB1070, Sheriff Joe & Illegal Flight
Russell Pearce
Thursday, December 12, 2013
SB1070, Sheriff Joe & Illegal Flight
#NOT1MORE is a project of NDLON meant to foster collaboration between individuals, organizations, artists, and allies to expose, confront, and overcome unjust immigration laws.
Pro-illegal groups chained themselves to ladders outside downtown L.A. ICE detention center
Los Angeles, CA – As protesters were arrested blocking a deportation bus outside Washington, DC, local groups in California shut down the downtown LA Detention Center to protest the almost 2 million deportations about to take place under the Obama Administration.
Six immigrant youth and allies chained themselves to two 8 ft ladders with U-locks to their necks, in front of the gates of local detention center blocking any exit of buses that transport people to other detention facilities or to the border to be deported.
The participants and groups’ demands are as follows:
The President must place a moratorium on deportations, terminate the “Secure” Communities program, and grant Administrative Relief to all undocumented people in the same way he did for immigrant youth with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA);
Local law enforcement must cease all collaboration with ICE by terminating (IGSA) contracts with ICE for bed space, 287(g) agreements and  by refusing to honor ICE Hold requests;
ICE must release all individuals that qualify to be released under the TRUST Act, the Morton Memo and the Parental Interest ICE Directive immediatel
Texas Plan to Execute Mexican May Harm U.S. Ties Abroad, Kerry Says


Published: December 11, 2013

HOUSTON — The scheduled execution next month of a Mexican national by the State of Texas threatens to damage relations between the United States and Mexico and complicate the ability of the United States to help Americans detained overseas, Secretary of State John F. Kerry has warned Texas officials.

The Mexican, Edgar Arias Tamayo, 46, was convicted of shooting and killing a Houston police officer who was taking him to jail after a robbery in 1994. Mr. Tamayo, who was in the nation illegally, was not notified of his right to contact the Mexican Consulate, in violation of an international treaty known as the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. That violation, an international tribunal’s order for his case to be reviewed and a judge’s recent decision to set Mr. Tamayo’s execution for Jan. 22, are now at the center of a controversy that has attracted the attention of the State Department and the Mexican government.
Despite Mr. Kerry’s involvement, there has been no sign that Texas officials plan to delay the execution. On Wednesday, Mr. Tamayo’s lawyers asked Gov. Rick Perryto grant him a 30-day reprieve and petitioned the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles to commute his death sentence to life in prison. They are using Mr. Kerry’s letter, sent to Texas officials in September, to highlight the international issues at stake.
In 2004, the top judicial body of the United Nations, the International Court of Justice, ordered the United States to review the convictions of Mr. Tamayo and 50 other Mexican nationals whose Vienna Convention rights, it said, were violated and who were sentenced to death in the United States. The international court, also known as the World Court, found that United States courts had to determine in each case whether the violation of consular rights harmed the defendant. In the nine years since the World Court’s decision, no United States court has reviewed the Vienna Convention issues in Mr. Tamayo’s case, said Maurie Levin, one of his lawyers.…erry-says.html
Please note: this article from the NY Times does not even mention the Officer - age 24 that lost his life at the hands of this illegal alien murderer.
John Kerry is so concerned that he gets involved in the pending justice served for an MEXICAN ILLEGAL ALIEN but is silent for the concern of Guy Gaddis nor We The People who are and have paid the price for non enforcement of our laws.
This murdering illegal alien has been on death row for approx 19 years - three meals a day, warm bed, healthcare etc. - apparently the lost 19 years of Gaddis life is of little concern to Kerry, the UN, the NY Times etc. - they are more worried about RELATIONS between Mexico and the United States
Are you kidding me ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
We no longer have a representing government… not for Americans….not if it interferes with pandering to the illegal establishment and Mexico - This must stop!
Forty-six-year-old Edgar Tamayo is set for lethal injection Jan. 22 for the January 1994 fatal shooting of 24-year-old officer Guy Gaddis. Gaddis had arrested Tamayo for a robbery moments earlier.
Last night Senate Democrats blocked an amendment, and, in doing so, essentially voted to cut military pensions instead of closing a loophole that grants child tax credits to illegal immigrants. The fact that Democrats and Republicans decided to so egregiously and blatantly prioritize the benefits of illegals over our military personnel is despicable - the worst type of bipartisanship in Washington. These military service members have done nothing but pay, fight, and die for our country and our freedoms. They have sacrificed limbs, time, relationships and memories and now Congress has the audacity to ask them to sacrifice their pension as well-which for some will be their sole source of financial security as they near an age of greater weakness and vulnerability. The fact that these service members are willing to defend our country, only to be welcomed home by a government that
spends gluttonously and chooses to penny-pinch perversely is a disgrace… our service men and women deserve better. Don’t look to the Laura Ingraham Show to kowtow to Paul Ryan, cozy up to Dems, or cater to illegals. Instead, we’ll continue to fight to protect those who have fought so hard to protect us.
12/18/13 4:57 PM

Hate crime: Illegal alien nearly stabs black man to death at bus stop

A photo appeared Tuesday night on the Texas Border Volunteers Facebook page. It shows a torn black bra and a small purse hanging from a tree in what is said to be a “rape tree” — a place where Mexican drug cartel members and coyotes who smuggle humans across the border rape one or more of the women among them. Rape trees have been known of since at least 2009, but they tend not to feature in any discussions of comprehensive immigration reform.
Border activist Linda Vickers took the photograph near her home in Brooks County, which is in the Rio Grande Valley southwest of Corpus Christi. It is not on the border, but it is on the pathway between Hidalgo County, other border counties, and points north.
Vickers posted these comments along with the photo.
Rape tree and increase in illegal alien traffic abounds in Brooks County.
Rape trees in Brooks County are becoming overly abundant. This is not the first one I have found on my property or on surrounding ranches. Nor is it the only one I have heard about recently.
I spotted this(torn black bra and an empty little purse) across the fence on my neighbor’s property on the 13th of December. The proper authorities were called and the information passed along to law enforcement. This is way too close to my home and tackroom. Illegal alien traffic is off the chart in this area of my home. It is overwhelming and every day that passes….I feel less and less safe. In the last few weeks, this feels like a legitimate invasion that we are experiencing in Brooks County, Texas.
A friend told me that he called in 50 illegals that he had a visual on. Border Patrol could not send anyone!!!! Not their fault since they are undermanned and many times they have large drug busts at the BP checkpoint.
The Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, is right that the Feds should be protecting our borders and doing something about this, because they are constitutionally obligated. But they don’t care, and the Federal Government isn’t going to do anything but give us lip service and tie the hands of Border Patrol. It’s time, hell it’s past time, for Texas to take care of Texas. This insanity needs to stop!

Iraq War veteran killed by illegal alien in Ohio


‘DREAMER’ who caused deadly crash offered 60-day sentence


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By David North, December 13, 2013

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