Carlson Asks The Question

One of many lawless actions that we could use - to ask this question raised by Tucker Carlson.

TUCKER CARLSON: If we’re rewarding foreign nationals who break our laws, why should I have to pay my taxes? Why should I have to, as an American citizen, have to obey the laws? I mean, I guess that’s a rhetorical question, but what’s the message that we’re sending? I have to obey every law or else I go to jail, but a foreign national can show up and give the finger to our justice system and get rewarded for it. How does that work exactly?

My Thoughts:

Many of us will continue to abide by the law and pay taxes, because, WE ARE AMERICANS!!!  – but unfortunately, I believe sooner or later… some will reach a point where they too will say “the hell with this”.   The Rule of Law will be lost as will our Nation.


July Child Rape from NCFIRE

For all those pandering politicians speaking out their backsides and the ilk they have marching in the streets demanding an end to ICE Enforcement – a question….

So, do you or do not want illegal alien deviants like this picked up by ICE or not?

Oh, that’s right… you want them picked up AFTER they commit child rape - not before.



For the month of July 2018, we were able to “document” 15 illegal aliens who were charged with 37 separate incidences of child rape/child sexual assault/indecent liberties with a minor, all of which are felonies.

The latest report can be accessed here:

15 to Life

Illegal Alien Esteysi “Stacy” Sanchez sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for second-degree murder of Jack Tenhulzen.
Sanchez impaled Tenhulzen in her windshield into the passenger seat. The impact knocked the 69-year-old out of his pants and shoes, severed one of his legs near the foot. Sanchez continued to drive more than a mile, then parked the car around the block from her house and walked home.
So, if our laws were enforced, would Jack Tenhulzen still be with us today?

VOX Stupidity and A Question for MS-13

VOX Stupidity and a Question for MS-13

The lies and blatant cover for illegal aliens and violent gangs (MS-13) has reached a new level… an asinine and unbelievable level.

VOX, a source I use occasionally to share their pandering ways and lack of character… now says that MS-13 is nothing more than, AND I QUOTE …. a group of nice kids that ride their bikes, hang out and go to jobs after school. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Really, just nice little boys huh? Nearly 40 percent of all murders from two years ago in Suffolk County were linked to MS-13 gang violence. Gov. Andrew Cuomo added $7.5 million to combat gang violence on Long Island. Maybe VOX could speak with Cuomo.

Vox defends MS-13 against Trump’s charge that the gang is a drug-smuggling criminal cartel. Maybe they could check out this from the Combating Terrorism Center at WEST POINT…. that states “Recognizing the partnership between the transnational drug trafficking organization Los Zetas and MS-13 is critically important to the security of the Americas”. Link below.

I could go on and on about MS-13 and their violent criminal ways, about the Americans that have suffered the lost of a loved one to MS-13 or been victimized themselves


Who do you think is more revolted by VOX and their asinine untruthful writings… The American Citizenry that knows better OR MS-13 with their gruesome tactics and criminal activities that they intentionally and purposes have strived to create only for VOX to trash, turning them into nothing more than choir boys?


ICE RAIDS Christensen Farms - Southern MN

Southern MN - close to home - ICE was active cracking down on illegal aliens unlawfully employed.

14 to 17 Employers/Managers depending on which article you read, and 133 plus illegal aliens arrested




Let’s Just State It The Way It Is - Shall We?


Let’s just state it the way it is – shall we?

I blame…. this puke himself, pandering politicians and Philadelphia authorities for the rape of a child and everything this criminal ILLEGAL ALIEN has done.

They all should be held accountable.


Claiming To Be the Child’s Father - He Is Not But Is The Child’s Rapist

After claiming to be the father (you know that illegal family crap that they are pulling) it was discovered that in actuality… he was the SEXUAL DEVIANT PUKE abusing the child.  Mommy Dearest told the child to accompany this puke so he could get her employment.

The Criminal ILLEGAL ALIEN Deviant is charged with rape, oral copulation, forcible penetration and endangerment. It was only discovered because we the TAXPAYERS paid for a hospital stay for TB testing!!!

I blame the political panderers, big business and voter grabbers, the illegal alien sexual deviant and mommy dearest for the rape of this child…. there is a more permanent solution to this crap!!!!!!!!


From the article…

A DHS official noted that the illegal alien, Ramon Pedro, arrived with a young girl he claimed was his daughter at the Ysleta Port of Entry in Texas in mid-April.

After Pedro and his claimed daughter was hospitalized for tuberculosis testing in July, U.S. authorities discovered she was not only not related to him in any way but was being systematically sexually abused by him.

A DHS official said, that “on July 27, 2018, the Huron Police Department arrested him for multiple felony offenses for rape, oral copulation, forcible sexual penetration and endangering/causing injury to a child. He is currently detained in Fresno County Jail on a $310,000 bond.”

“In fact, the victim’s mother told her daughter to accompany Pedro to the United States and he would secure her employment,”