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Guest: Congressman Steve King
Congressman King will join the program at the top of the 9 O’clock hour
The Congressman and Ruthie will discuss many of the aspects posted below

They will discuss what is truly transpiring behind the closed doors in the House
Who is pushing this amnesty agenda and why Ruthie will find out if the House truly understands the opposition to any legislation for illegal aliens
And what We The People can do to stop it …and more
Congressman King is one of the sixteen directly below - standing up for Americans and the Rule Of Law
16 House Republicans to Obama: Amnesty ‘Final Economic Blow’ for American Workers
Steve King: Shifting Attention From Obamacare To Immigration Would Be ‘Colossal Mistake’
WASHINGTON (AP) — A chief Republican foe of immigration legislation says it would be a “colossal blunder” for the House to consider any measure this year and shift awareness from President Barack Obama’s wellbeing treatment regulation. For months, Republicans have been focused on attacking the health care regulation, sensing a political enhance in its difficulty-plagued rollout.
EDITORIAL: Half an amnesty is still all bad
Making jobs scarcer is not an immigration ‘reform’

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Jobs are scarce, and Congress is cooking up a scheme to make them scarcer. The Labor Department reported Friday that the economy created only 74,000 jobs in December, the lowest comparable number in three years, and half of those were part-time jobs. It’s bad out there, and getting worse. President Obama’s “recovery” is recovery with no jobs.


House Judiciary chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte has reposted a statement opposing an immigration amnesty that had been previously removed from his website.
His reversal came two days after the Republican’s base reacted to the news that he had dropped his language against amnesty.
On Saturday, his staff re-revised his website, which now says, “I remain opposed to amnesty, as I always have been. I do not support a special pathway to citizenship that rewards those who have broken our immigration laws.”
Gowdy says the immigration proposal that his committee is focused on and one that Boehner has been very supportive of has nothing to do with winning elections or appealing to groups who formerly didn’t associate with the Republican Party. Rather he says it has to do with border security, internal security, and what’s best for the country and those are the principles Boehner will likely put into writing.
He says, among his colleagues in the House, there is no appetite for Amnesty as it is commonly defined.


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