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Please join Ruthie this week Thursday Feb 13th, 2014 8-10 pm CST
with GUEST: Susan Smith of the Nebraskans Advisory Group and The Susan Smith Show
Susan will join the program at 9 pm CST - links here and below to tune in.
As I prepare this announcement Fremont NE is voting again on renting and harboring illegal aliens specifically renting to illegal aliens
Prohibiting the hiring of illegal immigrants was not on the ballot it already passed legal challenges and is currently being enforced.
Susan and I will discuss the results and how the day progressed
Susan will share with Ruthie and listeners any updates on The illegal alien incarcerated for the murder of Louise Sollowin
And NE Legislative Resolution 399 - you will not believe what NE Legislators are approving
Nebraskans Advisory Group on Facebook
Susan Smith, born and raised in Omaha, Ne is Founder of Nebraskans Advisory Group a voluntary citizen based group who expose and oppose illegal immigration at the local, state and federal levels since 2006. NAG educates citizens and politicians on the negative impact of illegal immigration through legislative pubic hearings, participation in community debates and speaking out at every opportunity. You may follow Susan on facebook or through her website
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