Guzman in jail I am NOT buying it Rusty Fleming on The Ruthie Report

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Sorry Folks - but I am finding this all just too hard to believe - I will ask Rusty for the scoop and see if I am right and my suspicions are warranted or way off base.
Why should we care……….. doesn’t it strike you as odd when talks of granting amnesty are being discussed and the concerns of the violence and drug cartels in Mexico ….. that a man roaming free in Mexico for years - all of a sudden is found and arrested, with the People of Mexico, in the streets - a thousand strong - demanding the release of their beloved cartel leader.
By Rusty ‘s own testimony and comments of Silver or Lead - (do what we say and get paid (silver) or not and die (lead). I cannot believe one of the most powerful cartel leaders has been so easily captured without repercussions. That his cartel members have not yet set him free - if really incarcerated - the ruse I believe… is on us
Of course we all have read the stories of criminals and cartel members simply walking out of Mexican jails - one jail break (if you want to refer to it as a break out instead of walk out) they utilized a bus for a mode of transportation - unbelievable - but yet Guzman with all his men, money, power and connections remains behind bars - this is just too hard to swallow - if you ask me
With rumors of the USA ‘choosing’ the Sinaloa Cartel - as they cartel of choice …why arrest Guzman - if he truly is behind bars - If the reports are correct - Guzman would have much to say about the US and possibly Fast and Furious - seems odd the US is so eager to have him sent here. But, of course he is not going to be extradited to the US - Mexico wants to hold him ….. un hun!!!

CONFIRMED: The DEA Struck A Deal With Mexico’s Most Notorious Drug Cartel

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