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UNBELIEVABLE FOLKS - Mexico’s President feels ‘indignant’ because we deport his citizens - our illegal aliens - Mexicans (especially those here illegally) must really hate their beloved homeland………… what a bunch of racists ….seeing their immigration laws are stiffer than ours and enforced - right? Ruthie
Mexican president ‘indignant’ at U.S. deportations
By Julia Symmes Cobb February 27, 2014 4:08 PM
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said he is “indignant” at the United States’ deportation of Mexican migrants and described U.S. lawmakers as demonstrating a “lack of conscience” in failing to pass immigration reform.
In a television interview aired late on Wednesday Pena Nieto said he and U.S. President Barack Obama discussed the issue during their meeting at a North American leaders’ summit held last week in Mexico.
His emboldened comments to Mexico’s Univision channel followed days after his administration announced it had captured Mexico’s most wanted man, drug lord Joaquin “Shorty” Guzman.
Pena Nieto has said any extradition of Guzman to the United States is likely to take time, underscoring the fact the drug lord still has outstanding time to serve in Mexico after a daring 2001 jail break, reportedly in a laundry cart.
“Yes it makes me indignant, and it makes Mexicans indignant,” Pena Nieto said in the interview, when asked whether deportations angered him.
“There’s a lack of conscience, something which shouldn’t only alert and worry Mexicans, it should also worry the American government and they should take up the issue,” said Pena Nieto.
Pena Nieto added that he sees a willingness on the part of the Obama administration to change immigration laws, and that reform which provides a path to citizenship should “have the backing and aid of the various political forces” in the United States.
A bill that would have provided ways for the approximately 11 million immigrants living in the United States illegally to obtain citizenship recently stalled in the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives.
Many opponents of comprehensive immigration reform in the United States argue that Obama’s position would reward lawbreakers and deportations are warranted since the immigrants entered the country illegally.
Under Obama, deportations have hit record highs.
Mexican government officials last week criticized the U.S. Border Patrol for the use of deadly force in a confrontation in which a Mexican migrant was killed.
A U.S. Border Patrol agent shot the man near San Diego after being pelted with rocks while trying to apprehend a group of suspected illegal border crossers.
(Editing by Simon Gardner and Andrew Hay)
Paul Ryan wants to address welfare entitlement spending….but isn’t it funny that spending on those illegally in the Country = illegal aliens ………..never seems to be a part of the conversation.
Mr. Economic does not want to seem to address ……………..
- Spending for military pensions gets the ax but ACTC (tax refunds) continue to flow to illegal aliens at the tune of $4.2 billion in 2012
- Food Stamps has risen dramatically but Ryan does not go anywhere near the fact that illegal aliens are a big part of the increase and that the USDA is still advertising SNAP in Mexico - come on in-free food!!!!
- Ryan refuses to address unnecessary expenditures for ‘Club Meds’ complete with carrot sticks, art class and hormone replacement therapy in facilities known as detention centers - all because we refuse to enforce our laws and instead house illegal alien indefinitely while some Vets and Americans go homeless.
- Nothing is said about the continuous ‘paycheck to paycheck struggle’ many Americans find themselves in while wages stay stagnant due to the availability of cheap labor… adding to the entitlement drain.
- No one - not even Mr. Economics wants to address the overcrowded penal system housing illegal aliens, many who not only spit on our immigration laws but our laws in general - receiving three meals a day, a warm bed, healthcare and possibility an education on the American Taxpayer dime do to lack of enforcement and once released are seldom deported, and if deported - they simply return over that unsecured border/ports -that politicians like Ryan want us to believe are secure!!!!!
- No conversation on the costs to our education system, healthcare system, the bi-lingual costs, the never ending legal, court and lawsuit costs and more - while the American taxpayer gets to continue to flip the bill - while the men and women in suits in Washington - void of our reality - remain silent.
Just a few examples………
And of course, there is no way to put a price on the human collateral cost - Americans who have been victims of crime - many permanently - because … Like I said, Washington just does not want to have that conversation.
We need to ask Ryan…why is that?
America 2014: Students have no right to wear American flag apparel because some Mexicans might be offended
A Ruthie Response
The Fact - A Thought - A Question - An American Action

FACT: The ANTI American - PRO Illegal alien Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Americans rights were not violated and should not display the Colors of Old Glory - Red, White and Blue on an Mexican holiday - that being Cinco de Mayo which is May 5th due to possible violence. Note: a day celebrated more in the US than in its own Homeland.
THOUGHT: So just what is it that the Circuit is saying….threaten violence and you get your way.
So are we to assume then… in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - that WE who love this Country and are fed up with their BS ….that if we too must threaten violence to finally be heard?
Is that what this has come to - is this what it is going to take?
QUESTION: Why is it we do not see the VIOLENT mindset from others - like that of Mexico ? I do not see the Irish at St. Patty’s Day Parade screaming violence if someone shows up wearing Red, White and Blue - nor from those to celebrate the German practice of Octoberfest, not from those who participate in Norwegians Syttende Mai, Chinese New Year etc. Why - because they understand this is the USA, these colors are the colors of this nation - above all others………..
Once again, is the mentality of Mexico shining thru.
ACTION: I will be calling for and joining other actions that call for the PRIDE and PATRIOTISM of the United States of America’s Colors and Flag this coming May 5th - please watch for these calls to action.
If you do not currently wave our flag in your yard, house etc. - please go out buy a flag and do!
Get your shirts and other patriotic items ready - May will be here before you know it

Two pro-immigrant rulings made by Supreme Court
Published time: March 03, 2014 20:27
Edited time: March 03, 2014 23:38
“I guess if we are in Nebraska, we can do it, and if we are in Texas, we can’t,” Farmers Branch Mayor Bill Glancy told the Morning News.
Nation’s New Homeland Security Chief May Change Course On Gun Use For Border Agents
Published February 28, 2014
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Greensboro woman pretends to be Mexican citizen, faces multiple fraud charges
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Illegal alien repeatedly raped 11 and 13-year-old girls in North Carolina
Tucson City Council unanimously creates Cesar Chavez holiday
Border Patrol Rounds up Sexual Offenders
March 3, 2014
Hunger strike in Phoenix continues despite arrests, deportation
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El Salvadoran Arrested at Texas Border Accused of Child Molestation
This is what the Men and Women in suits in Washington - void of our reality - are forcing us to live with SECURE THE BORDER - Ruthie
Surprise: Deported illegal alien child molester found living in Connecticut
FBI busts DMV employees who were selling California driver’s licenses for cash
Agents Find 240 Pounds of Cocaine on New York Barge
Smugglers hid the drugs on a cargo barge filled with Mexican beer
Saturday, Mar 1, 2014 | Updated 5:43 PM PST
Ron Calderon takes leave of absence from California Senate
Published: Monday, Mar. 3, 2014 - 12:00 am
After months of intensifying scrutiny, Sen. Ron Calderon will take an indefinite leave of absence while he fights felony charges.