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Illegal Aliens Are Lawyering Up
April 21, 2014 12:27 pm
Arizona Rejected by High Court on Immigrant-Harboring Law
By Greg Stohr Apr 21, 2014 8:39 AM CT
Duncan on Mexican Women Who Cross U.S. Border to Give Birth: ‘These Are Our Kids’
April 17, 2014 - 7:53 AM
5000 legal students in Florida to lose their tuition to illegals
Written by Allen West on April 7, 2014
Texas County Facing Bankruptcy-Due to Illegal Immigration
ADOT warns of truck blockade at Arizona ports
Illegal aliens causing human rights crisis in North Carolina
Dave GibsonImmigration Reform Examiner
NOTE - from Ruthie
1. What kind of sick individual (CREEP) pays for sex with a woman clearly used and abused laying on a living room floor in a house - What kind of SICK ANIMAL cannot control himself more that this? And, as I have reported before - many times the JOHN (customer) is an illegal aien himself
2. Has the word of what is happening not reached those women coming from (as the article states) Mexico and Central America? Did they just pick the wrong PUKE to help smuggle them in or were they kidnapped/smuggled and if the later - then what does that say about our border security?
3. It is not only those who choose to attempt illegal entry - or who were smuggled that are paying the price for the failure to enforce our laws - it is our woman and child as well.
What is it going to take folks?
Police: Person of interest in M Streets crash had criminal record, was previously deported
Suspects in hit-and-run that killed officer’s son caught in Florida
Illegal immigrant arrested for Nevada voter fraud
Former immigration advocate sentenced for North Texas bank holdups
Illegal Immigrants Found in Palm Groves
Tucson-area border agents seize pot, vehicles, arrest Chinese nationals
Massive search for 100 immigrants & armed smugglers
Illegal Immigration from Honduras on the Rise
40 illegal immigrants with criminal records arrested in East Texas
US arrests more than 200 immigrants in Texas
Residents of Texas Border City ‘Least Likely to Feel Safe’ Walking at Night