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TEXAS BORDER VOLUNTEERS NEED OUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Texas Border Volunteers
Please share this plea for a public outcry.
Momentum is needed to put pressure on our politicians to secure the Texas border not only for Texans but for the entire Country.
Whatever we have been doing in the past is not working and has failed miserably. We the citizens of Texas and the United States of America need to change it. And the only way we can do this is to make a public outcry.
We have been weak in the past and have handcuffed ourselves. Drastic and immediate measures need to be taken, NOW!
Talking Points
• Over 3000 Illegals per month are apprehended in Brooks Co. This County is 65 miles north of the border! It is estimated by Agents on the ground that 400-500 individuals are criminally trespassing into Brooks Co. every 24 hour period.
•Overcrowding? This has been addressed by releasing women/ children that meet certain criteria (family member in USA, non-criminal history, etc.) This has only inflamed illegal immigration and has become another magnet. Hundreds of women and children every 24 hours are now openly crossing the border with the hopes of being released.
•These individuals that have entered into our Country illegal are being released without a health screening. There is absolutely no screening for diseases such as Tuberculosis or other health issues before being released.
•Assault on agents along the Rio Grande River and 65 miles north in Brooks Co. have increased. The criminal element in these groups has elevated. Illegal immigrants from El Salvador are notorious for fighting with and assaulting agents. El Salvador is one of the top OTM(Other Than Mexican)Country in the area.
•All Border Patrol stations in the RGV and Laredo sectors are overwhelmed. Border Patrol agents are processing rather than protecting and defending our borders.
•A recent report states that 148,000 illegal immigrants (aliens) have been apprehended in the Rio Grande Valley Sector (Fiscal Year).
Immediate Solutions
•Send Texas Dept. of Public Safety/Texas Rangers to secure the area IMMEDIATELY. They can and may address the criminal aspect of an unsecure border. They have the manpower, training, knowledge to work with Border Patrol but need the funding. We as citizens of the state of Texas and of the nation are asking for their assistance. DPS needs to work not with sporadic operations but 24/7 all year round. Give them the equipment and funds to do so! (National Guard individuals are not motivated and are not given the authority to apprehend criminals)
•Use of Federal property for housing Illegal immigrants (aliens) to relieve overcrowding and eliminate the capture and release program immediately. Example: Moore Air Force Base is 14 miles northwest of Mission, TX.
•Use of tents and porta potties for sheltering these “non-threatening illegals” in parking lots of BP stations. Areas that contain Border Patrol vehicles are already secured with high fence and security cameras. This is temporary but an immediate fix. BP vehicles can be parked outside the complex and watched.
Long term solutions needed
•Legislation is needed for peace officers to openly enforce immigration laws
•No time limitations on holding illegals for processing.
•DPS needs more assets to secure Texas(helis, planes, vehicles and manpower)
•Heavily fine and imprison employers of illegal immigrants(aliens)
•Better scrutiny of applicants and reform social services such as Welfare
•Reform of “anchor” baby loophole
Please call or email these selected individuals. Please be polite, use our talking points and add our pliable and direct solutions. Call or email your own Texas Senator or Representative.
Contact numbers
Rep. Michael McCaul (202) 225-2401
Remember, come November which politicians attempted to secure the border and which ones did nothing or not enough. You have one vote…use it wisely.
The State of Texas must protect her borders and protect Texans! By doing so, the rest of the nation will benefit.
Buses dropping off scores of immigrants in Arizona
Allison Rodriguez
10:06 PM, May 30, 2014
Why Arizona??? Why not New Mexico or California - is this retaliation against Brewer for standing up and being heard with SB 1070 - When is Brewer going to have had enough and start arresting illegal aliens - that would take care of the problem …for AZ anyways - they would flee to another state …. AND Is this LAWLESS and TREASONOUS open border welcome mat - ever going to be closed or is half the world heading this way? Funny all those filling us with broken promises and empty lies - that WE MUST SECURE THE BORDER….. seem to be no where to be found now…… not now while our Country is being invaded and destroyed - Ruthie
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Once every month, James Johnson, the President of NCFIRE (North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement) sends me an email that always reads the same. And each month I get sick to my stomach when reading the email.
NCFIRE tracks the cases in which illegal aliens rape children in his home state. For the month of May, there are 73 confirmed and highly probable illegal aliens representing 299 charges of rape against NC children!
All of these individuals have a court date scheduled for, or were arrested for, child rape in May. Many of them with multiple charges, meaning, they raped more than one child or raped one child multiple times.
This is the 7th month in a row NCFIRE has compiled the monthly child rape cases.
Nov. 2013- 87 individuals, 350+ charges
Dec. 2013- 89 individuals, 350+ charges
Jan. 2014- 52 individuals, 250+ charges
Feb.2014- 34 individuals, 150+ charges
Mar. 2014- 82 individuals, 250+ charges
Apr. 2014- 93 individuals, 350+ charges
May 2014- 73 individuals, 299 charges
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North Carolina: Illegal aliens commit more than seven child sex assaults per day
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Five Lakewood Men Plead Guilty to Human Trafficking and Operating Brothels
May 29th, 2014
Border Patrol finds $1.6M worth of pot hidden in fake wildlife service truck