News for Sept 11

Obama Postpones Executive Amnesty
On Saturday, President Obama announced that he will delay taking unilateral action to grant amnesty until after the November elections. The White House justified the decision in an official statement sent to CQ Roll Call stating:
Obama to Delay Immigration Action Until After November Elections
MPI: Executive Actions Could Amnesty 8.5 Million
Of Course the update to this original article posted by FOX News - backtracks just what the Under Secretary said………… anyone surprised?…. Ruthie
U.S. Confirms ISIL Planning Infiltration of U.S. Southern Border
Sen. McCain voices concerns border is not secure
Sept 10th, 2014
Mexican Judge Finally Views Video Of Sgt. Tahmooressi’s Wrong Turn Into Mexico That Landed Him In Prison
1 in 6 California construction workers labors in shadows, study finds
One in six construction workers in California is either laboring off the books or is misreported as an independent contractor, according to a new report from the Economic Roundtable. (David Paul Morris / Bloomberg)
for his family. His wife decided to leave him.
America’s Kids are getting Sick and ‘They’ Know Exactly Why
By: Diane Sori
La Raza President ‘Done Waiting,’ Demands Obama Give Exec Amnesty to 8 Million Illegals
Families from Pierson packed into St. Peter’s catholic church Sunday; many of them affected by the lack of change to immigration policies.
Migrant workers upset with slow pace of lawless amnesty - well I have news for them……….. Unemployed Americans (Americans is general as well) are upset with the migrant pandering - comes down to who our elected officials want to represent - Ruthie
Suspected Mexican Cartel Hitman Charged In Shooting Of Texas Family During Dinner
by Ildefonso Ortiz 10 Sep 2014
Three men arrested by SMU police accused of sexually assaulting 15-year-old girl
Illegal Immigrant Kills Illinois Teen In Fatal Hit and Run
immigration status - dreamer…illegal…or what exactly was not disclosed
Seven charged in machete attack at Brown Line station
EXCLUSIVE: Previously Deported Aliens Kidnapped American Teen for Extortion on US Soil
Officers, agents chase 18-wheeler through several counties