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Please join Ruthie this week - Thursday Jan 8th, 2015 at 8 pm CST
with Guest: Rusty Fleming.   Rusty will join the program at the top of the 9:00 O’clock Hour…Bio below
Rusty is the guest on The Ruthie Report the first Thursday of each month
He is a vast wealth of information on what is transpiring with regards to the Mexican Drug Cartels
here in the U.S. and over our southern border.
Rusty and Ruthie will discuss the increased drug flow of meth, border security and much more
Please join Ruthie for her exciting debut at the Constitutional Patriot Radio Media Network
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Thursday’s  Live from 8-10 pm CST at the
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Rusty’s Bio……………………….
Rusty Fleming is the Public Information Officer for the Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office, Texas and an award winning
producer, director, author and consultant for 25 years, Rusty started his multi-media company to produce corporate industrial films, commercials and news segments.
Rusty is recognized by national media and law enforcement agencies as an expert on border security and the Mexican drug cartels.
In addition to producing news documentaries for several U.S. networks, he has produced multiple episodes of Gangland for The History Channel. Rusty has currently developed two documentary projects related to the drug cartels and other organized crime syndicates operating in Mexico and the U.S