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Jeff Sessions to take over Senate panel overseeing immigration
From Make Them Listen
We are here to make some noise ! Our situation is dire..
If the Senate doesn’t pass the House appropriations bill to DEFUND Obama’s amnesty, it sets the precedence that the Executive Branch NEGATES Congress !
It also hands Obama a better legal argument for his unlawful amnesty!
House immigration plan slammed, spends $10B and deports no illegals
By Paul Bedard | January 21, 2015 | 6:17 pm
House Border Security Bill, H.R. 399, Would Do Little to Stop Mass Illegal Immigration, Warns FAIR
So Joni Ernst gave the GOP rebuttal and Curt Clawson gave the SUPPOSEDLY Tea Party rebuttal.
Clawson (billed the new face of the GOP) gave part of his speech in Spanish - that DOES NOT jive with this Tea Party Member - how utter disappointing - legal residents should be able to speak ENGLISH.
Just another way that the Anti American - English takes a back seat …support out of control legal immigration and lawless illegal immigration is being shoveled down our throats.
Hey those in the drivers seat of the Tea Party - DECIDE ….Our Culture, Our language, Our Laws and Our Flag ..supporting a SENSIBLE legal immigration system (which we do not have) and opposing illegal immigration and a second language or forget my support - go get your donations and support from those you are targeting - which is apparently not this American .
How the Tea Party’s State of the Union Rebuttal Turned Mainstream
DHS: Implementation of Obama’s Immigration Plan Starts ‘in the Near Future’
Who Obama Chose As His ‘Guest Of Honor’ For SOTU Is Infuriating Conservatives – And Rightly So
Republicans Say Goodbye to Latino Voters
Such bias, left to progressive leaning propaganda and BS - STOP clumping people together - there a many Latino’s who do not support this lawlessness - one only need to search face book and find groups
The left must be getting scared that they are losing the battle and debate to put out such garbage Ruthie
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